Brian Dawkins Leaves for Denver: No Loyalty in Philadelphia

David NelsonCorrespondent IIIFebruary 28, 2009

The defensive leader of the Philadelphia Eagles has decided to leave Philly for good. 

Brian Dawkins signed a five-year/$17 million contract with the Denver Broncos on Saturday that not only crushed the fans of Philadelphia, but completely takes away all the leadership the Eagles defense had. 

Brian Dawkins is one of the most personable, but intense players to have ever played in an Eagles uniform.  His amazing athletic skill and explosiveness has scared some of the NFL's best wide receivers senseless in his brilliant career. 

All of this has happened in Philadelphia, a city that Dawkins claimed to have loved so much.  Now, Dawkins is gone to Denver, where he will bring that same personality and fire. 

So where is the loyalty to one of the best players to have worn an Eagles' uniform?  Yes, a five year deal seems a little crazy for a 36-year-old safety, but Dawkins proved last year that he is still the captain and playmaker of this defense. 

He played like he was 26 last year.  Dawkins was a huge part getting the Eagles as far as they did.  After being in attendance at the Eagles/Cowboys game in week 17, I realized that this city absolutely loves Dawkins. 

I find it hard to believe that Dawkins would have turned down a three or four year contract with the Eagles, but they were only willing to offer him a one year deal.  A one year deal for a guy who means so much to this team?  I think that the Eagles are crazy for that.

Losing Dawkins means not only another open position needing to be filled on this team, but the loss of a leader.  Leaders mean a lot more than most people think in this game.  Dawkins would be the one pumping up Brown or Samuel after a missed play to get them ready for the next one.  Dawkins would be the one pumping up the sideline as they would stand and watch McNabb lead the offense down the field.

Now his time is up in Philadelphia, and although it is hard to not be somewhat upset with him for picking Denver over Philly, we have to realize that Philadelphia was the one who couldn't offer him the contract he deserves.