Houston Rockets Turning 21!

james lawrenceCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2008


   The Houston Rockets successfully completed the 21 game win streak by knocking off the Charlotte Bobcats. This streak becomes the second longest streak in NBA history only behind the 71-72 LA Lakers with 33. This mark set the Rockets to a tie with the Lakers for first place in the Western Conference. This coming after the Rockets were barely hanging on to a playiff spot. The Rockets have gone 9-0 since the loss of their All-Star center Yao Ming. Winning when your not at your best is crucial and thats exactly what the Rockets have done so far. They are playing like a team possesed, with a burning hunger for an NBA championship. Anything less then the Championship game is a failed season, because at this point they have showed there dominance and guts. This team has the ablity to stretch the defense and create open shots for Shane Battier and company. Tracy McGrady is playing at a level that he should be playing at, if not for back problems he would have been playing like this all his career.

     The Rockets now are coming up on a serious stretch of opponents. With top spot rival LA Lakers then Pheonix,Boston, and the Hornets. It will be tough to win all the games but with solid defense and elevated play from Tracy and the gang should have a major impact. There should be no reason why they cant get out of March 100%.

    Tracy McGrady is making a strong pull for MVP of the league this year. He has stepped up as leader of his team, when they needed him the most. Once Yao was diagnosed out for the season, McGrady took the team on his shoulders like he always does and now is prevailing. There are many players raising the bar such as CP3 and Kobe, but if you look and analyze the facts you'll find that T-Mac is steadily rising and is making his way to earning the title.

    Some keys the Rockets need to focus on are shooting percentage,turnovers, and assists. Right now the Rockets are shooting at a good level especially with how many shoots from downtown they take. Turnovers can kill you, everytime you give the ball up it usually results in points for the other team. So they need to make sure to take care of the ball and make smart passes that will lead to points. Assists are a hugh factor, because the whole team needs to get involved, dishing the rock for open shots is crucial. To play good basketball you have to play as a team, that means getting your teammates involved anyway possible and on every play.

    The Rockets next game is at home vs the Lakers at 3:30pm. This game is detrimental to both teams, as it will show which team is better advanced and should be called number 1 of the Western Conference.