I Don't Want To See Local Athletes in ECW

catalina monsalveCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

I don't how long ago that have been happening in ECW but in my opinion the matches between wwe superstars and local athletes have to stop now. 

i like the superstar initiative by teddy long (I don't like him but anyway) because it brings us new faces and new talent who have to get a push. Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd and the new ecw champion Jack Swagger are good examples.

But my question is: If they come to WWE (ECW) to fit with other wwe superstar why they are fitting with local athletes? and Why some of ecw superstar are fitting with local athletes?. 

I really don't get why smackdown or raw superstar have their debuts with real wwe superstars and ECW ("extreme") have they debut with people who the only person who know who is him is his mother. i don't want to offend the local athletes I only say they shouldn't be in ECW.  

Tyson Kidd show he is an amazing high Flyers, but I would live to see him vs a real ecw superstar not mark Henry or swagger maybe Jamie nobble or Tommy Dreamer. Even if he would lost it people would be talking about how a match it was. 

DJ Gabriel debuted with...I don't remember who and I don't care. The only thing we see was a man and a woman dancing for 10 minutes—nothing special. 

Then we have the bogeyman and experienced gross wrestler who in his return fitted with a local athlete and he did it about two or three more weeks.

The last time we see Ricky Ortiz in a "real" match was vs a local athlete and he haven't seen him in the ring since that. (if you didn't know what a surprised he won the match).

I just tired to see the same thing every week so ecw try to surprises us don't do the same every week it would be way better if we ECW superstar vs ECW superstars.