South Plantation's Erin DiMeglio Breaks High School Barriers as Girl QB

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 29, 2012

Photo Credit: The Miami Herald
Photo Credit: The Miami Herald

Erin DiMeglio, a 17-year-old girl wearing an iconic ponytail, is a pure athlete in every sense of the word. 

She is passionate about her sport, loves to compete and plays with such intensity that she continues to earn the respect of her teammates. 

When girl's basketball lets out, her teammates just happen to be South Plantation's (Florida) high school football team. 

Christy Cabrera Chirinos of The Sun Sentinel reports some inspirational news in the form of DiMeglio actually getting some reps as the third-string quarterback in a preseason game. 

It wasn't a gimmick or some over-hyped antic from a wacky coach that saw her enter the game. It was a matter of a high school athlete who wanted a chance to play and earned entry into a game based on merit. 

As it should be. 

Of course, this could be historic if the same thing happens when the season starts. The report had a word from high school football analyst, Larry Blustein. 

We've had girls in South Florida that had the ability to [play quarterback], but they never have. You have to give her credit. I've never seen anything like this before.

Coach Doug Gatewood echoes that sentiment and makes sure to basically offer that DiMeglio is first and foremost a high school football player. She has earned that distinction. 

I had a girl try out at wide receiver that couldn't make it through practice and I had a kicker that really couldn't make a field goal, so I didn't keep them. Erin can actually do what we ask of her...she completes the passes I ask, she knows the plays. ... Anything I ask her to do, she does.

Here is a video of what seems to be the final minutes of the game Friday night. It may be a little long, but you get the idea of how much the fans in the stands were behind this young athlete. 

According to DiMeglio, football is just a way to prove to colleges how athletic she is, so she might find a spot on a collegiate level basketball team, her first passion. 

Judging by the enthusiasm of her fellow teammates and the skill that she shows on the field, I wouldn't put anything past DiMeglio. 

She seems like the kind of person that gets what she wants. 

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