WWE Raw News: Why Report of CM Punk Blading Is at Least a Little Off

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As I was watching Raw on Monday night and writing the weekly Monday Night Raw blog, and I noticed CM Punk started bleeding in his match with Jerry Lawler.

The first thing that came to my head was "Wow! They are showing someone bleeding, and it didn't look like a blade-job."

Imagine my surprise when I woke up today and saw numerous reports about CM Punk blading. I thought to myself "OK, maybe he just did a good job of hiding it, because I saw no signs of a blade-job."

This is where I think things got a little unclear for me. I read one of the earlier reports from WrestlingInc.com (via F4Wonline.com), and here is what it says:

It was a move that we used to see every week but rarely see on WWE TV these days. WWE Champion CM Punk reportedly bladed on this week's RAW in the steel cage match against Jerry Lawler. Punk appeared to gig his forehead before returning to the cage a second time and then appeared to hand the blade off to referee Charles Robinson.

According to F4WOnline, there appears to be no fallout backstage - meaning Punk has more power than imagined or he successfully argued that he did not blade and that it was a hardway cut. Blading is absolutely prohibited in WWE these days.

At this point I began to wonder if I saw a different version than everyone else in the world. The part I specifically think is wrong is this: "Punk appeared to gig his forehead before returning to the cage a  second time and then appeared to hand the blade off to referee Charles Robinson."

Supposedly Punk began bleeding after blading himself between leaving the ring after his win and returning to inflict more punishment on Lawler.

If you watch the included video, you will clearly see at the 1:00 mark that CM Punk has already begun to bleed heavily.

He can be seen heavily wiping the blood off his head onto his white wrist tape several times over the course of the rest of the match. You will also notice that he was not bleeding at all when Lawler clotheslined him and went for the pin at 0:50.

This means CM Punk was busted open during the barrage of punches Lawler hit Punk with before climbing the ropes for his diving fist-drop.

Right after the near-fall you can see Punk clearly lay both hands flat on the mat to get up. How exactly was he able to hand off a blade he clearly wasn't holding?

One explanation would be that he put the blade in his wrist tape. Fair enough, but explain this then: Punk stopped bleeding right after the match.

After he wipes the last of the blood from his head after the match you do not see another drop drip down his head at all.

Now, I am no doctor (awkward pause), but I am pretty sure wounds that require staples do not heal in less than two minutes.

Here is one possible explanation: CM Punk might have used super-glue to close the wound, something WWE had been known to do in the middle of a match to continue without any bleeding.

Is that what he handed back to Charles Robinson? Maybe, but either way I find this whole thing very suspect.

This is one rumor that could end up being true, but the series of events being reported is clearly in question.

Here is a more important question. Does anyone really care if he bladed? Did you really enjoy the match more once you saw crimson flow from his head?

Are we barbarians who get our kicks watching people bleed during staged fighting? I would like to think not, but many people would argue that blood makes it seem more real and therefore more entertaining.

Either way, we can clearly see that reports of CM Punk's blading are, at least in some ways, a little off.

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