NFL: Miami Dolphins' QB Ryan Tannehill's Shocking Admission

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NFL: Miami Dolphins' QB Ryan Tannehill's Shocking Admission
Miami Dolphins QB's Ryan Tannehill (right) and Matt Moore (left) conversing over Tannehill not knowing NFL divisions.

Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill admitted to not knowing something about football that a lot of fans can rattle off the top of their heads.

Last night on HBO’s series, Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins, Tannehill told backup Dolphins QB Matt Moore that he doesn’t know what division each team is in.

"I'm so lost on the whole divisions," Tannehill said. "I know our division and that's about it.”

Moore was shocked and asked Tannehill if he could name the four teams in the NFC north, even giving him a starting point with the Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay, Minnesota…. the Giants,” Tannehill answered.

After a little chuckle Moore moved on to ask Tannehill if he can name the NFC east teams. “NFC East… the Chiefs?” Tannehill asked.

Moore busted out in laughter and asked, “How do you not know this? It shocks me."

Tannehill explained that he wasn’t a big NFL fan as a kid growing up and never invested his interest in liking just one team, so he never got to know the divisions.  He said he does know most of the team's conferences.

Well, the Chiefs are in the AFC West, not the NFC East, so he still has some learning to do on which conference each team is in, let alone getting to know each team’s division.

At least Tannehill knows which teams he needs to be out in the Dolphins' division, so that can be seen as a good sign.

The Dolphins play their final preseason game tonight in Dallas against the Cowboys starting at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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