UFC Themed Deadmau5 Music Video Illustrates MMA's Continued Mainstream Ascent

James MacDonald@@JimMacDonaldMMAFeatured ColumnistAugust 29, 2012

If one were to associate a particular music genre with the UFC, the most obvious choice would be heavy metal—with MMA fans being regularly greeted by the ultra-aggressive sounds of STEMM at the beginning of each PPV.

Deadmau5 provides a little musical diversity for UFC fans in the video for his upcoming single “Professional Griefers”, featuring My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way.

The Toronto-based musician merges the distinctive worlds of MMA and electro-house music, blending them together in an ambitious music video that combines elements of Mad Max and Real Steel within the context of a futuristic UFC event.

It is officially the most expensive music video ever in the electro genre.

Deadmau5’s decision to create a UFC themed video is perhaps an illustration of the expanding crossover appeal of MMA’s biggest organisation.

Many believed that the UFC’s deal with Fox would be the game-changer that transformed MMA from a niche sport into a mainstream juggernaut; however, their presence on the Fox platforms has thus far failed to capture the imagination of the masses.

In addition, the UFC’s PPV numbers continue to decline, slowly but surely. This can partially be attributed to the current economic climate and the increasing number of events scheduled by the Zuffa brass, but there is no doubt that this combination of factors causes many to question whether the UFC has plateaued.

Despite this relative dry spell, the UFC continues to forces its way into the mainstream consciousness.

Jon Jones’ deal with Nike, increasing ESPN coverage and now the significant exposure that comes with a Deadmau5 music video are just a few examples of the UFC’s continued ascent into the domain of pop culture relevance.