The Guy Carbonneau Rule: Keep Your Feelings to Yourself, 'Cause I DON'T CARE!

Miah D.Senior Writer IFebruary 28, 2009

After all the controversy, rumours, and troubles the Montreal Canadiens have been through, three wins a row seem like a complete miracle. The coaches' reactions after the wining goal were not lying: Those are two beautiful two points there.  

It has surely been a heck of a week for everyone, so intense that Bob Gainey almost showed some emotion. 

After the Kostitsyn brothers’ affair made the team look like a street gang, hearing Laraque’s complains regarding his ice time almost made me smile: We are back to talking Hockey. 

The communication channel between the coach and his players seem to be dealing with interference; resulting in some frustration from both parts. 

The three way communication they use somehow reminded me of high school, where nobody tells things directly to whom they may concern; but had to look for a third party to share them with.   

Now, never underestimate the power of the Medias in Montreal. The men with the pens and the microphones can conduct our brains into believing things that do not exist.

Once Laraque said that he “wouldn’t be surprised if traded,” his days with the team virtually came to an end. 

Only virtually, since Bob Gainey’s mastermind could not be attained by the Journalists hypnotizing waves; which is also why he gets to be the General Manager. 

Although Laraque learnt the hard way how a few too much words can turn into a declaration against Humanity; saying things the Samsonov way has never been appealing to the coach. 

“I am paid to help the players, replied Carbonneau; not to be liked. I want to be respected.” Fair enough; especially when your player adds the If-I-knew-I-would-not-be-here speech; then again he sounded like being trapped into performing in a women’s ballet spectacle.    

We did complain last year that the missing piece was the physical aspect, but we convinced ourselves that this team was fast and talented enough to get over that.

But then came the playoffs. Hockey might have never been this painful for players like Tomas Plekanec and Mark Streit; which brings us back to ‘BGL’. 

With a few days away from the trade deadline, God knows what Bob Gainey has in mind. Phone calls are never scarier than during the trade period; Michael Ryder did an interview in the Canadiens Magazine to talk exclusively about that famous February 26th, 2008; when the only call he got was finally his father in law's.

Trade periods are also painful. Although Steve Begin’s departure was written in the sky; it still hurts when it actually happens. 

Bob Gainey and Begin already talked last week; regarding any available possibilities that would help the player. In other words, “Steve, we love you but you can’t stay.” It is almost as if they had closure. 

Closure is good in any ending relationships, but it doesn’t make break-ups easier. After all, it has been six years. 

On the bright side, this can be a new start for the grinder. Unless he aspires for a career as a journalist, watching games from the press box complicates matters for any player who comes to the end of his contract. 

Begin opened his wings and flew away; and Glen Metropolite made his way to the Montreal Canadiens dressing room. A former Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers among us, let’s beat the heck out of this guy! 

Is it me or the Habs keep getting older?   

So far, Bob Gainey surprised more than a few, but for at least two of his decisions, he hit the nail right on the head. 

After his two day break, Alexei Kovalev seems to play an inspired Hockey again with six points in his last three games. 

And Schneider, dear Schneider: the living proof that determination is ageless. So are Patrice Brisebois’s brain cramps and turnovers.

Three wins in a row are great. Four would be better; especially against the San Jose Sharks and Claude 'Pepe' Lemieux. Some might say that chances are slim, and frankly watching the Sharks’ record this year, they are even anorexic. 

But let’s not be negative, shall we? Just like Carey Price, let’s just sit and watch. 

Go Habs. 


Miah is one of the three Community leaders of the Montreal Canadiens. She also co-hosts, along with Matt Eichel, Habs All Out Radio: all about the Montreal Canadiens!