The Wrestling Community: Hold Your Head Up High!

TJ DuncanCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

Two months ago I wrote an article highlighting the poor state the B/R Wrestling community was in.

One of the main issues I raised was that some of the writers saw their fellow writers as threats to their ranking rather than people to help become better writers. For this reason, they wouldn't rate an article 5* nor award it a POTD.

Well, these last three days have proved to me that this is no longer a problem. The last three Articles of the Day have all been wrestling related, a remarkable feat for a relatively small community.

First, M's magnificent article on Lanny Poffo won the prize, not bad for his first serious article on here. This was swiftly followed by Ray Bogusz's fantastic piece to do with Chris Beniot and how his death could be used for good rather than acting like he never happened.

And AkD made it a great hat-trick with another worthy winner, his "Every Memory That Oscillates" piece which garnered over 100 comments.

This shows what great writers we have here in the community. There are also the likes of Shane, Mina, JLB and Ross, to name just four, who are perfectly capable of writing an article of the day worthy piece.

Of course, the community isn't perfect. There are still some egotistical jerks here who think they're the best thing to hit B/R since, well, Zander. Perhaps it's been because I've been boycotting certain people's excuses for articles that I think the situation has got better when, in fact, it hasn't.

But there has definately been more wrestling related articles recently after that "Dark Age" in which it was rebuttal after rap battle after "everyone hates me!".

If this quality of writing continues then the Wrestling Community will continue to grow, but this time the people joining won't be joining because they see the community as a joke as has been the case under the current spray of Birdshit.

So to the writers who have actually put thought behind their articles, and especially to the three who have won Article of the Day in the last three days, I say thank you.

You are the true leaders of this community and you've made me proud to be part of this community when I was previously ashamed.


P.S Bombocloth (This is just so it gets a POTD from M! :P)