More Likely to Win a Heisman: Golson at Notre Dame or Frazier at Auburn?

Randy ChambersAnalyst IAugust 29, 2012

More Likely to Win a Heisman: Golson at Notre Dame or Frazier at Auburn?

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    We have two young and exciting quarterbacks who will make their debuts this season.

    Notre Dame named Everett Golson as their starter for the year, while the Auburn Tigers have named Kiehl Frazier as their starting single-caller. Both beat out some tough competition in camp, and both fanbases are excited for what the year has to offer.

    They were highly-recruited players coming out of high school, and they both play with a dual-threat style that has quickly become popular over the years.

    With all of the hype that is surrounding both players, it is only a matter of time before we see their names on Heisman ballots.

    But who has the advantage?

    Let's take a look.

Same Style Quarterback

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    To me, both of these quarterbacks are nearly identical, so there is no reason to break them down individually. 

    They are both exciting quarterbacks due to their dual-threat abilities, and both have live arms and terrific arm strength. They both also have a great feel for the pocket and can sense when it is time to tuck the football and take off.

    Frazier is the much bigger quarterback at 6'2", 226 pounds, while Golson is only 6'0", 185 pounds. But while they both have great arms, Golson is a little more accurate with the football. He is capable of completing passes on the run as well.

    Still, the styles of play are extremely similar, and it would be splitting hairs trying to decide who the better overall prospect is right now with no experience on either side.

    Advantage: Tie

Offensive Weapons Around Them

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    Many of the key offensive weapons on this current Auburn offense won't be around after this season, as Onterio McCalebb, Emory Blake and Philip Lutzenkirchen are all seniors. But one thing the Tigers do have going in their favor is a young and talented offensive line that will have a couple of years to jell around Frazier.

    Auburn also has top recruits coming in from the 2012 class, such as wide receiver Jaquay Williams (who should be back on the team next season) and 2013 recruit Jordan Wilkins at running back.

    With a terrific offensive line in the making, it doesn't matter who is on the outside; this unit will be just fine for the next couple of years.


    Notre Dame

    The Irish, on the other hand, have a great offensive line now, but four of the starting five are seniors this season. Notre Dame is also going to lose tight end Tyler Eifert, running backs Cierre Wood and Theo Riddick, as well as a couple of starting wide receivers at the end of the year.

    Notre Dame is recruiting nicely in the 2013 class, with commitments such as tight end Danny Mattingly, running back Jamel James and offensive lineman Steven Elmer. But this is an offense that will have many question marks at the end of the season, which won't be good for Golson's Heisman hopes.

    Advantage: Frazier

Overall Team Success

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    Well, there is no question who has been the more successful team the last several years, as it has been the Auburn Tigers.

    Auburn is 8-1 in last 10 years in bowl games, including a national championship victory in the 2010 season.

    Notre Dame has struggled mightily, winning just two bowl games since 1993 and not appearing in a BCS bowl since 2006.

    And although the schedule for the 2013 season is difficult for both teams, you would have to give the edge to the Irish.

    Auburn, of course, plays in the SEC, which is always one of the more difficult challenges in all of college football. Notre Dame plays teams such as USC, Oklahoma and Michigan next season, but all three of those programs will have a new quarterback at the end of the year.

    While the Tigers have a better reputation as of late, playing teams with new quarterbacks and not playing in the SEC every week gives the Irish the slight edge as far as the schedules are concerned.

    Advantage: Golson

Competition at QB

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    Notre Dame

    I'm not sure there is a team in the country that is deeper at the quarterback position right now than the Irish are. Andrew Hendrix is just a bigger version of Golson, as he is another talented dual-threat option who gave Golson is a run for his money in camp.

    Notre Dame also has a 5-star recruit in Gunner Kiel, who will have a great opportunity to start next season, regardless of the performance that Golson delivers this year. Additionally, the Irish have received an early commitment from 4-star recruit Malik Zaire, who is another dual-threat quarterback.



    Is it too soon to write off Clint Moseley as a non-threat to Frazier, kind of the same way Notre Dame fans have with Tommy Rees to Golson?

    Unlike the Irish, Auburn really isn't deep at the quarterback position at all. Besides Moseley, the Tigers have freshman Jonathan Wallace, who did make strides during fall camp, but I'm not sure he will ever top Frazier on the depth chart, especially if Frazier plays well.

    Auburn has also received an early commitment from Jeremy Johnson, a 4-star recruit from the 2013 class.

    Advantage: Frazier


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    While both quarterbacks look to be around for a while and will likely have successful careers, I think Kiehl Frazier is in the better position to succeed and win a Heisman Trophy.

    The Tigers are quietly building one of the best offensive lines in the country that will make any quarterback successful for years to come. Frazier also will not have to deal with many talented quarterbacks peaking over his shoulder, as Golson will have that issue throughout his career with Gunner Kiel on the roster.

    And then there is the size differential, which will play a huge part in their style of play. Golson is extremely short and only weighs 185 pounds, according to the team's website. Frazier has a much larger frame at 6'3", 220-plus pounds, which should make Tiger fans breathe a little easier than Irish fans, as he will be able to withstand the beating each quarterback will likely take.

    We are likely to see both quarterbacks on Heisman ballots as early as next season, but Frazier has the better shot at walking away with the hardware.

    Verdict: Frazier