Notre Dame Football: Joe Montana Not in the Wrong by Criticizing Everett Golson

Michael Felder@InTheBleachersNational CFB Lead WriterAugust 29, 2012

BAHRAIN - APRIL 13:  Former NFL player Joe Montana attends the Sportsmans question time during the Bahrain Invitational at the Royal Golf Club Montgomerie Course on April 13, 2012 in Riffa, Bahrain.  (Photo by Phil Weymouth/Getty Images)
Phil Weymouth/Getty Images

Notre Dame great Joe Montana participated in a live chat on Tuesday through where he fielded questions, most of which were softballs.

However, his answer on Everett Golson was quite interesting. On the surface, Montana is not wrong in his basic answer to the Golson question. However, when the real variables of the situation are considered, Irish fan confidence in their athletic quarterback should remain high.

Thanks to Subway Domer for being the guy who caught this gem from the chat:

Brent (Indy): Joe, what's your opinion of Everett Golson, ND's new qb? Do you think he's got the skills to take ND to a BCS game? Thanks.

Joe Montana: Kelly can't figure out what he wants. Every one of his QBs that he has, he claims is his next star, but he doesn't last long with him. He's probably the least talented thrower that they have, so maybe they're looking to run the ball with him.

In looking at quarterbacks Tommy Rees, Andrew Hendrix, Gunner Kiel and Everett Golson as basic, traditional passers, there can be an argument made that Golson would come in dead last. At least from a "stand in the pocket, hit a target with accuracy types of throws" standpoint. Especially in a practice or controlled setting.

However, Notre Dame is not going to be handling things in a controlled setting. Brian Kelly has assessed his roster and believes in Golson for his entire package. That means an ability to throw on the run that greatly exceeds that of Rees and Hendrix. That means an understanding of the offense that surpasses that of the young, mobile Kiel.

That also means the dynamism that comes with a kid like Golson getting the nod at quarterback.

There are a lot of guys that can spin it. There are not a lot of guys who can earn the starting spot on a big-time college football team.

Tommy Rees really took himself out of contention for the role. Andrew Hendrix lost the job fair and square. Gunner Kiel couldn't get a hold of the offense quickly enough to be a true factor. Everett Golson not only won the job, but as Brian Kelly mentioned to the South Bend Tribune, he won the coaching staff's trust.

Jobs aren't won because someone is the most talented thrower. Jobs are won because you're the best quarterback on that roster. Golson gives the Fighting Irish the highest ceiling for achievement out of anyone on that roster, and that has to do with both his arm and his legs.

He opens up their playbook more than anyone else can and with more versatility in play-calling comes more opportunity on offense.

Golson is going to run the football. They'll give him zone-read plays and he'll get the chance to run some quarterback draws once they spread defenses out.

However, Golson is still going to be back there throwing the football around the yard. Some of it will be out of the pocket. Some of it will be on the run; through bootlegs, roll outs, half rolls and plays that start as pocket passes but turn into scrambles.

It is because he can do all of those things that he won the job. On Saturday, Everett Golson's chance to prove the doubters wrong starts early.