Who Is The Best Heel and Best Face in the WWE?

Joe DohertyContributor IFebruary 28, 2009

Recently, I have noticed a few different opinions between the fellow B/R writers and readers about who the best heel and the best face wrestlers really are.

So I am going to pick who I think these roles should go to, and please, I would like to hear your views on it too.


Best Heel in WWE

For me, it's a toss up between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho.  You could say Vickie Guerrero, but she's a pain in the ass, although she generates a lot of heat with the fans.

I would have to go with Jericho.  His character is brilliant to watch, the emotion he gives when he is on the mic, he really knows how wrestling works and what he needs to give to the fans whenever he is heel or face.

I was reading a story about him online a few days ago, it was saying how he was with Roddy Piper before their segment on Raw, telling him how to use his character so that Jericho could build off it, which led to Jericho hitting Piper and also generating much, much more heat with the fans.

Also, Chris Jericho was the first Undisputed Champion in the WWE, which you will hear from him quite a lot! and he is one of the best workers in the WWE now and has been for some time since his debut.

Regarding not choosing Randy Orton... when you look at Jericho's career, which started 19 years ago now, he has got the experience, he knows what the fans want, he knows how his character should work.

Randy Orton needs to get more experience on how his character can either get over with the fans, or how they can hate him.  I admit, that since this whole Legacy thing started, it is starting to propel Randy Orton as a wrestler, and as an entertainer.


Best Face in WWE

This one is much more easier to pick for me, it has got to be between The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy and Triple H.

I feel Triple H is over with the fans for the past few years, but he is definitely better as a heel.  I would like to think we could get to see him on another heel run in the near future, so it's got to be between Taker and Hardy.

Although Hardy is very over with the fans for me, the Deadman has got to be the fan favourite.

Everywhere he goes, he gets cheered and he gives the fans what they want, a cool character how always throws up a big match here and there, no matter what age he is.  I don't know what else I can say about being a face, because being heel is much more easier IMO. 

So then, anyone have different opinions?