So Is David Beckham Playing Soccer for LA or AC Milan?

King JSenior Writer IFebruary 28, 2009

David Beckham, the amazing soccer superhero who only two years ago signed with the LA Galaxy (Yes, LA supposedly has a soccer team!) for a whopping $250 million is now like playing soccer in Spain during the off-season?

Now I like most Americans am pretty ignorant when it comes to non-American Football or how we in America prefer to call it soccer, but when a superhero like David Beckham signs a ridiculous $250 million deal to play for a team based in LA, that starts opening eyes and ears.

What confuses me is that usually when you sign with a team, especially for nine figures, you tend to honor that contract for obvious reasons and the people who are enforcing the contract tend to give you a hard time. 

However, in superhero Beckham's case there is no such thing going on. My understanding is that Beckham is playing for Italy in the off season and talks and rumors and evidence all seem to say that he is deciding if he will even come back to LA this season?

Is this even legal? Or is it because it's the almighty Beckham we let him do whatever the hell he wants?

I was watching a VH1 special on David Beckham few years ago and they were saying how ridiculous this man's fame and star power is worldwide.

People in parts of Europe and Asia literally believe that he is Jesus? His legions of fans stalk him and check into the hotel rooms he checks out of and lick all the toilet seats in that room just in case he took a dump on those toilets. 

This must be why George Clooney so easily gives up the keys to his crib and lets Beckham crash.

Now with all that being said, it is no wonder why Beckham gets to flake on a nine-figure contract.

Here in LA in the local news, there are hundreds of people threatening to get their money back for their Galaxy season tickets because of all the rumors that Beckham will not return this season.

You think if Kobe was out or traded then Laker season ticket holders would threaten to get their money back? It does not work like that. You paid for the whole season to see the team play, not your idol that you stalk.

If you paid to see the Spice Girl reunion Concert and your favorite Spice Girl does not reunite for the concert do you get your money back?

David, honor your nine-figure contract. You are so almighty that you almost made soccer popular in America. I almost got off the freeway once when I saw the Home Depot Center and I had to take a really big piss.