Jeff Hardy: Top 5 Most Memorable Moments Since His Return

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

number 5 tie i cant decide between jeff hardys first encounter with triple h or the umaga cage match so ill talk about both.

the cage match with umaga on raw that night where he hit the whisper in the wind from the top of the cell was amazing the crowd was speech less it was amazing and he got the pin with it he could have just gone out of the cage but he played to the fans and i thought he broke his neck and that was a week before the orton crash landing in the same month-----------------------------triple h vs jeff hardy armegedon this was the match in my opinion that truly proved that jeff belonged in the main event and he delivered here its unforgettable because this in my opinion is where alll the jeff hardy hype started and it wasn't a bad match

Number 4 wrestlemania 23 mitb crashing through edge

jeff hardy was in the money in the bank ladder match with his bother and matt set up the ladder and  jeff stole the show by crashing right through edge and the ladder and he was taken out of the match it looked like they were really hurt and was believable jeff stole the show that night and he was taken out of the match which continued to be great by the way jeff hardy put his career on the line that night edge going through the ladder was unforgettable.


the elimination chamber is were careers get shortened ect i know this is going out on a limb but jeff hardy made the match  no he didn't book it but he made the match more interesting he had a great showing in this match and alot of people believed he coud win and headline wrestlemania 24. HE was the human highlight real in the match and the swanton from the top of the chamber crashing down on umaga after alot of other finishers from everyone was priceless

Number 2 stage dive on randy orton

this was extemly extreme and was almost number 1  but i had to save that. this was the highlight of the entire month of raw leading up to there title match at the royal rumble. him climbing up the huge structure and then going even higher to deliver a huge swanton will be something i will never forget. this is a perfect example of how jeff plays to the crowd and puts his career on the line even though it doesn't always pay off but iguess thats y every body likes him so much


Number 1 jeff hardy finally winning the wwe championship

IT was a long time coming and it would have happened sooner if it had not been for jeffs drugs but win it finally happen at armegedon because of popular demand it was the biggest piont in hardys career even though it is a doubt it will happen again any time soon because the wwe doesn't trust him we will never forget the night it finally happened.But it was spoiled by a very short title regien but the night was special.

tell me what do you think hardies most extreme moment in his entire career were?