USF1: Oh, Really! I'm All Over That, Pal!

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IFebruary 28, 2009

"Forget those days, forget the $100 million (£69m) budgets, forget the $30m (£21m) retainers for drivers." end of quote.

Hmm, okay, then forget about podiums, at least for a few years, I guess the view from the bottom will be part of the growing pains.

But, if your going to get credible drivers from the get go, what experienced driver would be willing to drive for room, board and complementary peanuts?

Just a few questions:

How much does the worst team in F1 pay their drivers?

What is the smallest budget in F1?

Where in the standings was the team with the lowest budget in 2008?

Well, those are rhetorical questions, you already know the answers, no ticket no laundry, you need big money to be competitive. Agree?

I'm sure after that quote, Danica Patrick and Kyle Busch are just wagging their tails waiting for those doors to open so they can put in a job application.

The top five teams have 300 million to 500 million budgets, FIA president Max Mosley is hoping teams can compete with a budget of 50 million euros. by 2010.

If that happens, it could open up the field, can you imagine more cars on the grid? A question for you F1 master experts, can that happen with a smaller budget? Will F1 allow more cars on the grid?

I know this editorial has more questions than answers, well, that is the intent, I want lots of feedback, so here are a few more questions:

     Will a USF1 team really happen?

     Will there really be a 50 mill euro budget in  F1?

     Will Danica Patrick wear a see through race suit?

So many questions, so little time! In these hard economic times, I just don't see many sponsors pumping money into an USF1 team. I hope I'm wrong; I'm sure we all would love to see an American race and  team.