Arsenal Transfers: 4 Options for Gunners' Potential Final Transfer

Raul HingoraniCorrespondent IIAugust 28, 2012

Arsenal Transfers: 4 Options for Gunners' Potential Final Transfer

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    With the transfer window just days away from concluding, the Gunners will be looking to make a final push to sign a player to give their team an offensive and defensive boost.

    At the moment, there haven't been any defenders who have been linked with Arsenal recently. And, in terms of forwards, Arsenal already has enough players to make the team's offense talented.

    However, with the recent departure of Alex Song, there has been some doubt on whether Abou Diaby will be able to produce a significant effect. Diaby has been an efficient player in the first two matches of the Premier League, but there are some other midfielders who might be able to fill in Song's shoes better than Diaby.

    So with that, here are four midfield options that Arsenal should consider signing before the transfer window finishes.  

Yann M'Vila

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    Yann M'Vila has been linked with Arsenal for a big part of the summer, but recently it seems like much less of a possibility that the Frenchman will join the Gunners. However, with Song's absence, M'Vila is the kind of player that is needed at Arsenal.

    Here is a report from earlier this summer (May) from the Mirror which talks about Arsenal's link with the Frenchman.

    The midfielder is only 22 years old, and with the way he is performing now, he could produce a very significant impact while playing with Arsenal.

    He can also make great defensive plays that could really be helpful for Arsenal against big teams.

    He is one of the good passers in football, just the way Song is. But, in time, he could produce an equal effect or even more of an effect than Alex Song. He is one of the best options for Arsenal to consider. 

Cheick Tioté

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    Cheick Tioté is a midfielder who has been linked with Arsenal pretty recently. Based on a report from the Daily Mail, Arsène Wenger is interested in signing the Ivorian midfielder.

    He is also one of the good options Arsenal has to help fill in the void that Alex Song left. He can make good, key passes and make a solid defensive contribution as well.

    With Steve Bould's presence, it is already visible that the way the Gunners are defending has improved. So with another good defensive player, the team could do even better against some of the big offensively-stacked teams such as Chelsea or both Manchester clubs.

    So ultimately, Tioté is another great option as a defensive midfielder.

Yohan Cabaye

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    Based on a recent report from the Guardian, Yohan Cabaye is a player who could potentially be on his way to the Emirates.

    Cabaye is the kind of player who would add more offensive contributions than defensive ones; it would not be too big of a problem for Arsenal since Arteta is a player who has made many defensive plays for Arsenal so far. And, while playing in a more defensive midfield position, Arteta could still dictate play in the midfield.

    Cabaye is a great passer and was one of the factors in Newcastle United's success during the 2011-12 Premier League campaign.

    The Frenchman can also take great free kicks. If you click here, you will see a great free-kick goal by Cabaye against Manchester United.

    This is an example of what Cabaye can do with Arsenal.

Etienne Capoue

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    Etienne Capoue is a player who was linked with the Gunners for a short period of time earlier in the summer, but now interest in him has decreased. Here is an earlier report from the Daily Mail which talks about Arsenal's interest in the Frenchman.

    Capoue is a defensive midfielder who can make the necessary defensive contributions while also making good long balls as well.

    He isn't as talented as the other players in this slideshow in terms of defensive and offensive abilities, efficiency and productivity, but if the others can't be signed for some reason, the Gunners must not give up hope on signing Etienne Capoue.