Yankees to Wear New Baseball Cap This Season

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IFebruary 27, 2009

(The Voice of Yankees Universe)

The New York Yankees will be wearing a new baseball cap this season.

The new cap will still have the interlocking “NY” on the front of it, but it will also have a patch commemorating the inaugural season in the New Yankee Stadium. The unusual part about it is that the Yanks’ are the first team to have a patch placed on the back of a hat. The Major League Baseball logo is usually on the back.

The Yankees already had plans to wear a sleeve patch that is very similar to this one on their jerseys this season. This is all about merchandising. I’m sure the Yankees will make a a lot of money off of this. The hat will be available starting on March 1st on MLB.com.

I think the patch is really nice, but why not place the patch on the side of the hat like they have done in the past years? It just seems overdone and unnecessary. I will probably pick one up anyway, haha. As you can see, the Yankees have had a long history of patches:


     Here is the Yankees press release courtesy of the Bombers Beat:

Major League Baseball press release:

The New York Yankees will wear a new cap for the entirety of the 2009 season featuring a patch on the back commemorating the opening of the new Yankee Stadium.  The patch is the first of its kind to appear on the back of an official MLB Authentic Collection cap, incorporating the MLB logo in its standard location to maintain the traditional Yankees cap design. 

The caps will debut officially on Opening Day.  Designed by MLB and the Yankees and manufactured by New Era, the caps will be available for purchase beginning March 1 through MLB.com and at Yankee Clubhouse stores, Modell’s, Champs and the Sports Authority.  All MLB Authentic Collection products for sale are exactly the same as those worn by the players.


So what do you guys think of the new cap? If the Yankees play well, who the hell cares..right?


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