USC Football: Breaking Down Trojans' Newly Designed Nike Jersey and Cleats

Randy ChambersAnalyst IAugust 28, 2012

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USC changed its uniform for the 2012 season.

In today's college football, where uniform changes seem to be a must, the Trojans are the latest team to add a couple of details to their current wardrobe. Now, before you go jumping off a ledge, the changes are very minimal.

You won't see USC switch from the cardinal and gold to something like this anytime soon. And no, the helmet did not result in something this bizarre-looking, either.

Instead, the Trojans have decided to switch up the design of the cleats and have Nike add a few touches to the current jersey.


New Cleats

Quarterback Matt Barkley released the new cleats via his Twitter account. The model of the shoe is the same as years past, but obviously the colors have changed to cardinal and gold instead of the black and white look that became popular.

While these changes match the overall look of the uniform better, many may have a problem with the switch. We all remember how much of a stir the black socks created last season.


Newly Designed Jersey

Cornerback Ryan Dillard gave us a sneak peak of the new jersey that will be worn this season, designed by Nike. The look is nearly identical to the last one, but it is made out of different material, which is to be lighter and tighter, according to Jordan Moore of

The buckles on the pants will be lighter, and the uniform fabric will not preserve sweat or water the way the previous ones have.


Yay or Nay?

As mentioned, the changes are extremely minimal, but the color of the cleats may still rub a few people the wrong way. With the switch to the black socks and now the color of the shoes, many may be wondering what the next change is going to be.

Maybe something like this?

While the shoes may not be approved by some of the traditionalists out there, we must remember that this is a sign of the times, and it is the hip thing to do.

If you are one that doesn't approve of the new cleats, remember that many of the shoes are heavily wrapped in black tape anyway, so there is a good chance you won't see half of them on Saturdays.

As for the change in jersey, it is your typical Nike Pro Combat uniform that we have seen many schools switch to in the past. And while many of the uniform changes in college football have been absolutely hideous, USC seems to have gotten it right, keeping the changes very simple but effective.

The goal of the new material is to be lighter while keeping players dry and comfortable, and it helps absorb and disperse impact, according to the Nike website.

Nike gets it right once again.