5 Critical Adjustments Doug Collins Must Make for New Philadelphia 76ers Lineup

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IAugust 28, 2012

5 Critical Adjustments Doug Collins Must Make for New Philadelphia 76ers Lineup

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    The Philadelphia 76ers made a lot of moves this offseason, and now it's time for head coach Doug Collins to make the most of them.

    With the departures of Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams and Jodie Meeks, and the additions of Andrew Bynum, Jason Richardson, Nick Young, Dorell Wright and Kwame Brown, you better believe you will see a revamped team out on the court every night.

    With so many options, the lineup is nothing short of flexible. And when you have an flexible lineup, you need a serious plan to handle it.

Find Time for Moultrie

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    This is definitely the most picky and least likely of them all to end up happening, but Collins needs to at least make the effort.

    Arnett Moultrie is an athletic 6-10 big man with a 7-2 wingspan. The size and athleticism is there, so there's no doubt he has the physical tools to be an effective big man.

    Moultrie is known for being a solid rebounder, shot blocker, and being able to run the floor. With these attributes, he could potentially provide a lot for the Sixers and fit the system quite well.

    Realistically speaking though, considering there is just so much depth at power forward and Collins is known to be hesitant in playing his rookies, Moultrie won't see that much playing time.

Give Turner His Minutes

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    This is just a flat-out must.

    In 26.4 minutes per game last year, Turner averaged 9.4 points and 5.8 rebounds. In the postseason where he saw his minutes increase to 34.5 per game, he averaged 11.2 points and 7.6 rebounds per game.

    Now that Iguodala is out of the picture, Turner finally has the chance to really break out.

    Turner isn't the most athletic player, and it's certainly not the reason why he was the No. 2 overall pick. And that's OK.

    Instead, he's effective by driving to the basket and being a little crafty. With new weapons like Young, Richardson and Wright, he will always have the option to kick it out to a reliable shooter when he penetrates.

    The environment is perfect for him to excel in, especially because he's the primary ball handler next to Jrue Holiday.

    This adjustment should go without saying, but with all of the depth at the 2 and 3 and Collins' prior history with Turner, it's a hard assumption to make.

Start Jason Richardson

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    The Sixers need to figure out who to start next to Turner, and Richardson is the guy they should choose.

    Although he is 31 years old, he still produces efficiently. In fact, over the last five seasons, he has shot over 45 percent from the floor and nearly 40 percent from three-point range.

    In short, he gets the job done. Plus, they aren't going to sit him on the contract that he has.

    The other options are Young and Wright, and they'll definitely play next to Turner at one point or another. However, it's better if they use Young the same way they did Lou Williams: as a scoring spark off the bench.

    If they give the start to Wright, chances are he will be the one defending opposing 3's, but that's something they need Turner to experience since he's a big part of the future.

Start Spencer Hawes at Power Forward

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    Although many fans aren't quite fond of Spencer Hawes after a few mediocre (at best) years at center, he fits the Sixers' system because he can pass.

    Playing next to Bynum, it looks like they'll try to mold him into a poor man's Pau Gasol. He has an effective mid-range shot and like I said, he can dish the ball around well for his size.

    That being said, this doesn't mean this what they should stick with him all year because they have too much depth at power forward not to experiment.

    Lavoy Allen, who proved to be the best defensive option against 4's in the playoffs last season definitely deserves a shot at the starting job, especially if the Hawes idea doesn't go according to plan.

    This is what Collins said he will enter the season with, but that said, the chances this works out isn't necessarily certain. Nevertheless, for now this what they'll do.

Use Nick Young Like Lou Williams

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    I slightly touched base on this earlier, but I'll go into more depth here.

    Williams provided a great scoring spark off the bench over the last several years for the Sixers. Young has the exact capability Lou brought to the table of shooting lights out off the bench and solely swinging the game in the Sixers' favor.

    But what makes Young even more appealing for this role is his size and athleticism that allows him to do a lot more. He's 6-7 with a remarkable seven-foot wingspan. With these physical tools, he automatically provides a defensive presence against smaller two-guards.

    Plus, he is a better three-point shooter than Lou (a career 38 percent from three versus Lou's 34).

    Young has yet to see the right environment for him, but under Collins in this role, he could thrive. Keep in mind, he averaged 17.4 points per game just two seasons ago...