WWE Raw Results: CM Punk Beats Jerry Lawler and How WWE Is Wasting His Talent

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 27, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

The WWE champion, CM Punk, was in the main event, but not against one of WWE’s best wrestlers or the No. 1 contender.  He was up against a 62-year-old man. 

Punk beat Jerry Lawler in a steel cage match.

Much respect to Lawler for exceeding expectations with his performance.  He did an admirable job on the receiving end of a beatdown.   

But why is the WWE champ involved in a mini-feud with a commentator? 

No wonder he's been abusing the word "respect" over the past few weeks.

WWE is clearly trying to display Punk's merciless side and create sympathy for the outmatched Lawler.  He didn't need to face The King in a match to accomplish that. 

The WWE champion should be facing the best of the roster, but instead Punk has spent too much of his reign tussling with an executive and the color commentator. 

When given a top-notch opponent, Punk has delivered compelling promos and consistently one of the best matches of every pay-per-view.

Against Chris Jericho, he gave us a dark and enthralling personal journey into his kayfabe family history. Those two men also delivered the goods in the ring at both WrestleMania 28 and Extreme Rules. 

When asked to rekindle his Ring of Honor feud with Daniel Bryan, the two wrestlers put on a series of classics. 

Of course, Punk can't face Jericho and Bryan every month, but there are certainly more worthy opponents for him than John Laurinaitis and Jerry Lawler.  Putting him against senior citizens is underutilizing him and doing the product a disservice.

With a show filled with so much comic relief and squash matches, wrestling purists want to see at least a chunk of the show devoted to quality wrestling.  Punk is usually a provider in that department, but not on this episode.      

Now that Punk has slid completely into the role of the bad guy, and now that he's shown off his viciousness by beating Lawler, he can move on to bigger prey.  John Cena is next up, but after that Christian and Randy Orton are ideal contenders for Punk's title. 

Those feuds should fully utilize Punk's talent, both on the mic and between the ropes.  Destroying an old man does wonders for his heeldom, but little to entertain.