Billy Clyde: It's Been Fun, Just Not Real Fun

Don HContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

In Kentucky, the constant has always been our loyal and knowledgeable fan base.That said, there has always been criticism amid this loyalty, about the direction of the winningest program in NCAA history.

The Gillispie era is a hot topic these days. Was he the right choice to replace Tubby? Some like myself, think not. Yeah he'd been known to land some good recruits, and yeah he lives and breaths basketball, but character is the thing Billy Clyde lacks.

He's shown over the past two seasons he can't handle it in the Big Blue Nation. He shines when he's the big fish in the little pond. He's proved he can succeed in that environment.

Whole nother scenario at UK. Off the cuff sarcasm, intimidation, humiliation. Afraid to make necessary needed adjustments because of stubbornness. Sure signs of insecurity.

If any coach has two of the top players in the nation they're gonna win games, in spite of they're coaching abilities, especially at Rupp. You just gotta keep calling plays with they're number.

Winning consistently with just adequate players is the true test of a coaches worth. Hate to say it, but if that greedy traitor Rick Pitino had stuck around we'd have a few more banners, cause he's a hell of a coach.

The cupboard has hardly been bare for BCG at UK, no matter that some use this as an excuse in awarding him Co-SEC coach of the year last year. If he had had his team ready, he wouldn't have lost so many early games. Then he goes and almost repeats that again this year.

Believe me when I tell you that KY fans are not fickle. Like Caywood Ledford used to do, we call it like we see it. They're gonna stick with their Cats come Hell or high water, but with the talent we have there's no reason we should be having a season like were having.

If UK doesn't make the tournament this year, it will not be the players fault and some soul searching will take place. Guaranteed.