NFL 2009: Curious About Three

Jay KaneContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

There are three players in the NFL next year that I a truly curious what they are going to do.  The first and most curious is Michael Vick.  Will Roger Goodell even allow Vick to play?

Personally, do not think he should be aloud to just jump right back in the game.  Goodell should hand down some kind of NFL suspension before he can play again. 

However, I am not the commissioner of the National Football League.  It will be interesting to see what kind of action Goodell will take in the matter.

If he does get reinstated, who if anyone will sign him?  I am personally a supporter of the ASAP and the human society and have a dog and three cats, half pitbull and half lab by the way!  The picture above is my dog and one of the cats sharing the dog's chair together.

But I do believe Michael Vick deserves another chance at playing the game once he has paid all of societies debts, and NFL penalties.  He is an amazing athlete that has paid his dues and deserves a second chance.  It is just the American way! 

Second on my list is LaDainian Tomlinson.  The last two seasons for Tomlinson have been miserable from Tomlinson standards.  The years are catching up with LaDainian, and it is all down hill from here.

For a guy that is usually in the top three for fantasy football players, Tomlinson's stock has fallen like the New York Stock Exchange.  Do not think he will make my top 10 running backs in 2009.  Are Tomlinson's days in the NFL numbered?  They could be if he does not find the same drive and determination he once played with.

Not sure, but all the hype about him being one of the best all time after his 2006 season went to his head.  That is about the same time he started running his mouth off to the media after being a quite, productive NFL running back. 

Tomlinson still has the talent, but with all the great running backs in the league these days, he better find some heart to play with this season.

Last but not least, Mr. Tom Brady returning from knee surgery almost a year ago.  Will Brady be the same quarterback he was in 2007 and earlier? 

Matt Cassell did a great job replacing Brady last season, and with Brady having some difficulties after the surgery, the Patriots decided it would be better to keep Cassell around just in case.

Tom Brady is one of the NFL's elite, and will certainly produce with 30-plus touchdowns in 2009.  The New England Patriots and there fans will be glad to see their legendary quarterback behind the center, leading them to another Super Bowl Championship.

The 2009 NFL season should be filled with great story lines but what happens with these three guys during the season will interest me the most.  All three could have the same season, and all three could have very different ones.

As far as fantasy football is concerned; Brady will be in my top 10 selections overall, Tomlinson is going to drop out of my top 10 running backs, but you will have to catch my 2009 fantasy football article sometime in August to find were he falls, too.  Vick has no fantasy value in 2009.