Obama-CitiField Has a Ring to It

Joe NoaCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

Now that Citigroup is being bailed out by the federal government, this will stir a lot of controversy in Queens, New York.

The Obama administration has invested in Citigroup and will hold a 36% stake in the company. Most Americans are extremely upset with the idea that bank bailout has gotten this far.

Does this mean that Citigroup will still be able to fulfill its obligation to Fred Wilpon, owner of the New York Mets? The agreement has it that as long as Citigroup pays some $24 million to the Mets they will have the naming rights to the Mets new stadium.

Thanks to the federal government, CitiField is safe. The big letters in front of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda will stay in blue and orange. The insignia designed like Dominoe's Pizza will be all over the city. You think they designed it so people will have a craving for Dominoe's Pizza during the game?

I think the name "CitiField" should be taken down and replaced with "Obama Park". After all, he is using taxpayer's money to save a banking system that has failed miserably. Why put all the blame on Madoff. The whole banking system has been a giant "Ponzi Scheme".

Perhaps, call the new stadium "Bail Out Park", or the "BOP" for short. Obama may have 36% stake in the stadium also.

He's doing well using your money making sure we don't have a total collapse of the economy. At least put a picture of Obama right next to the name.

I am sure Met fans are thrilled to know that Americans from Alaska to Florida are chipping in to keep the "CitiField" name alive. It's your money that may sign future superstars to wear the Met uniform for years to come.

This should make Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers, and Braves fans want to throw a tantrum. Met fans will just say the feds want to throw your money away in a winner and they thank you.

As a bonus, Citigroup should have "Sympathy Night" at the BOP in April. Give out a free ticket to the 50,000 employees they laid off. Of course, they have to pay for the parking, adult beverages, and hot dogs.

Nothing is free. Obama can throw out the first pitch and Madoff can be the catcher. Hillary can sing the national anthem. Can Obama bring the light show he used in Denver after the first pitch?

A good name can be "ShamWow" Stadium. Get a free ShamWow terrible towel with a season ticket. At least they have the money. Except Obama doesn't want a foreign investor.

The Mets should have a great new state-of-the-art stadium come April. I just hope the name is in place. You don't want to try and win a championship with a no-name place you call home. You don't need another Hooverville because someone will call it Obamaville.