Blowhard of the Week: Hank Steinbrenner

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IMarch 15, 2008

Hurricane Hank Providing Great Copy

Hank Steinbrenner cannot be for real. It is almost unfathomable that an owner of a professional sports franchise is conducting himself in this manner. His comments are bordering on classlessness and ignorance.

This guy says whatever he is thinking, regardless of who or what he offends. Its a rare trait that this oversensitive culture of ours no longer tolerates.

Hank Steinbrenner lives in a vacuum.  He sees the world one way - dressed in pinstripes.

That's fine, considering who he is, but does he have to go out of his way to impose himself on us?  The truth is, he's not going out of his way.  This the way this guy operates!

What baseball needs right now are colorful figures - ones that generate positive interest in the game.  Hurricane Hank is blowing in just at the right time.

Here's a middle-aged, paunchy guy who looks like an unmade bed dragging on a cigarette telling people off.  He's like a cartoon character or a parody.

If you're a sportswriter, this is too good to be true!

We're loving every second of this. 

Steinbrenner is not just the owner of any run of the mill franchise, he's the owner of the Yankees - the most valued franchise in professional sports.

First, the Hurricane blew about how the Red Sox were not even close to the Yankees in popularity. He's obviously tired of all this 'Red Sox Nation' nonsense.  I am, too, but I'm not a Yankees fan, so its not really being flaunted in my face.

I agree with the Hurricane on this, but did he have to say it in such an inflammatory manner?  Yes, because that's the way he is. Now the Yankees-Bosox rivalry is being taken to a new level.

In his latest diatribe, he's blabbing about having Joe Girardi's back in this riduculous pre-season cold war the Yankees are engaging in with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Hank showed his cards in an interview session yesterday, supporting Girardi but taking a backhanded swipe at Joe Torre in the process.

"All I can tell you is that I will support everything he does, and that will never change. Because this is the manager I wanted, and that's not anything against Joe Torre. That's the manager we wanted at that time. Times change."

Then he went after the Rays... 

"I don't want these teams in general to forget who subsidizes a lot of them, and it's the New York Yankees , the Red Sox, Dodgers, the Mets ," he said. "I would prefer if teams want to target the Yankees that they at least start giving some of that revenue sharing and luxury tax money back. From an owners point of view, that's my point."

Go get 'em, Hank. Don't stop. But slow down, I can't type that fast!

Baseball is back, baby....thanks to the Hurricane!!! 


Quotations courtesy of Kevin Kernan of the NY Post.