Jacksonville Jaguars Film Room: Laurent Robinson Is Shut Out

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistAugust 27, 2012

Robinson came up empty against Baltimore
Robinson came up empty against BaltimoreEvan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE

The Jaguars had a brutal night at Baltimore in preseason Week 3, and many fans have begun to complain about Laurent Robinson's performance.

The free-agent acquisition out of Dallas has been painfully quiet this preseason, and many are beginning to use the dreaded P-word word to describe him.

You don't want to be compared to Jerry Porter in Jacksonville, even in whispers.

Robinson was targeted on four throws against the Ravens, two on third down, and came up with zero catches.

A look at the tape shows what could be an ongoing struggle for the Jaguars this year. Time and again, Robinson was open, but Blaine Gabbert's passes were not properly placed.


3rd and 6 10:00 (1st Quarter) Gabbert Incomplete to Robinson

On this third-down play, Robinson is tightly covered by Jimmy Smith of the Ravens. Gabbert goes for the back-shoulder throw to Robinson, but instead leads him to the front shoulder.

The problem with the front shoulder is that is where the defender is. Smith gets his hands in on Robinson and disrupts the play.

This ball needs to placed about three feet to the left. That would allow Robinson to shield the defender with his body and catch the pass.


3rd and 9 2:35 (1st Quarter) Gabbert Incomplete to Robinson

Robinson breaks open, with the Jaguars again attempting a comeback throw. Gabbert sails the ball three yards wide of Robinson.

This is a straight miss with a clean pocket for Gabbert.


1st and 10 4:54 (2nd Quarter) Gabbert Incomplete to Robinson

Again, Gabbert has plenty of time to throw. He has Robinson break open and throws the ball behind him. Robinson can't hang on to the pass.

While the receiver should probably catch this pass, the fact is that it's a terrible throw. Gabbert has a window to lead Robinson, which would have turned into a huge play. Instead, the ball isn't placed properly, forcing Robinson to break stride and reach behind him.

Even if Robinson catches the ball, Gabbert's poor throw would have turned a potential 20-yard gain into an eight-yard gain.


2nd and 7 8:28 (3rd Quarter) Gabbert incomplete to Robinson, pass interference on Smith for 22 yards

The one positive play for Robinson came in the second half. He beat Smith down the sideline and drew a flag.

The level of contact was light and the play would probably have gone unpenalized by normal officials. On this play again, we see poor ball placement by Gabbert on a deep throw. He underthrows an open Robinson, causing him to slow up and reach down for the pass, allowing the defender to break up the pass.

A quality lead and Robinson streaks down the sideline for a possible touchdown.










When I sat down to write this piece, I intended to criticize Robinson for failing to get open. After watching his targets, however, it seems the problem still rests with Gabbert. He is still struggling with accuracy in the intermediate passing game. Throws over 10 yards continue to be an issue for him. 

Accuracy is more than about just putting the ball close to the wideout. The ball has to placed where the receiver can make a play on it.

Against the Ravens, Gabbert didn't do that for Robinson.