The Ryan Whitney Trade Had To Be Done

Justin LorenzCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

In the midst of a disappointing season the Penguins needed a change of personnel.

On Thursday the Pens announced they traded defenseman Ryan Whitney for Ducks winger Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi.

Kunitz and Tangradi for Whitney is a good trade and the Pens made the right choice.

Pens had trouble losing many talents after the playoffs and the trades they made had them looking silly (after Hossa opted out for .45 million more in Detroit).

Many fans, however, are upset and think the Pens will pay and miss Whitney.

Unless you will miss watching Whitney and his poor decision making and lack of defensive capability, you're wrong. 

Whitney is not a defensive player to model a team after, and was more effective on the power play then helping Fluery.

This was exhibited to such a high amount in the playoffs it was almost comical.

He struggled to protect the puck and the net. He was also often caught out of position. His ablility to quarterback the powerplays when Gonchar didn't have the puck is the only thing that Pittsburgh will remember him for.

With much talent in the AHL at Wilkes-Barre Scranton, Whitney will be easily replaced.

It's no secret how much the Pens organization loves the young defenders like Ben Lovejoy and Alex Goligoski.

Goligoski exhibited a great deal of offensive talent much like Whitney and will most likely replace him on the power play to keep Malkin off of the blue line and towards the net making plays.

Kunitz is much needed on this team. With all of the losses in physicality in the offseason, Kunitz is a sigh of relief.

His 140 hits will be nice to protect Sid. He is desribed as speedy and gritty.

Last season the Pens were a strong group of young talent. That grit left and now they are a pure speed offense that relies on the fast breaks.

Kunitz is that grit that is perfect in this organization. He will play wing for either Crosby or Malkin and will finish off his checks and finish on his shots.

However, the biggest part of this trade is Tangradi, not Kunitz.

Tangradi is a great looking prospect and depth is the biggest problem the Pens are having.

Tangradi has already 87 points in the minors and will play on the wings when he is called up.

This bit of depth is greatly needed, and the Pens can always use good wingers since Fedotenko and Satan were not up to par.

These two players add depth and are signed so this trade is a long-term advantage for the Pens.

The rebuilding has started and the Pens fans are hoping for a boost to the playoffs as they look to fill a few more positions.