Who Needs a Push in WWE: "Pimp My Wrestler"

Alberto CortezCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

It's no surprise that I, like many other fans, am a big fan of the WWF's Attitude Era, or as I call it, the "Golden Age of Sports Entertainment."

One thing that separated the WWF from any other franchise was its ability to make a diamond out of coal; they had a knack for creating new and marketable talent.

Don't believe me? Think of Stone Cold, The Rock, and Triple H; they were all jobbers (The Ringmaster, Rocky Maivia, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley) before they got their respective pushes and became industry megastars.

Compare that to their counterparts in other promotions, like those in WCW: They were all "main event"-ers in the 80's and simply rode their wave of popularity till the late 90's.

Charles Wright was a struggling wrestler in a big company with mediocre gimmicks like "Kama Mustafa"; He was basically putting fans to sleep during his matches.

WWF decided to make the best of what they had and "pimped" Mr. Wright and turned him into the beloved "Godfather".

While his wrestling didn't improve, what did improve was his ability to excite the fans; I mean, who wouldn't tune into you when you are surrounded by local-area strippers, who escort you ringside and you affectionately refer to as "hos?"

I was always intrigued to see who was going to get a push, who was going to have a new gimmick, and who fans would remember after the dust settled. So I started thinking to myself, who needs to be pimped nowadays?


Crime Tyme

Great guys, great wrestlers, but I would like to see them get more shots at the gold, maybe more one-on-one matches in which they aren't squashed. I like the whole "Chain Gang" idea with John Cena, and if he goes heel they should join him, because no heel travels alone.

Some better competition is what they need; either that, or they need to sell their gimmick by doing various "crimes," leading up to them stealing the Tag Titles or a World Title and not giving it back until they get a championship match. That would be worth watching, and would keep their status as "pimps."


Ezekiel Jackson

This guy is the next Batista, although it might not happen overnight.

He needs to stop being a valet for a cruiserweight; not saying Kendrick isn't a great wrestler, but he will never be a Shawn Michaels.

But back to Jackson, put him in a good heel stable, have him fight some upper- or mid-card guys, give him a better name, and you have a "pimped-out" wrestler worthy of appearing in main events.


Mr. Kennedy

First things first, book him in some matches, and then decide if you want to make him a heel or a face, then run with it.

Kennedy is a good character, but I would maybe have him stop the whole microphone entrance. It does set him apart, but all he really needs is a good push.


Charlie Haas

A great all-around wrestler, he has been mainly impersonating other wrestlers as of late. It's time for him to make his own mark.

Unlike Shelton Benjamin, he hasn't seen the spotlight since the split of "The World's Greatest Tag Team." He's always been seen as an "Angle-Lite."

He's got great technical ability; with the right push (maybe as a heel) he could be really worth watching.


Sim Snuka

Wrestling's in his blood, and he has sound skills. I thought he had a good beginning with the storyline with Legacy, but it fizzled out.

He should start a stable of Samoan wrestlers, like Manu (if they bring him back) and Umaga, kind of like a throwback to the "Wild Samoans."


Ryder and Hawkins

They're not my favorite on the list, but we all agree that they need some real heat if they want to avoid getting the boot from the WWE. I was thinking of a rivalry against the man who created them, Edge.

I'm thinking a Edge and Christian vs. Ryder and Hawkins storyline would give the duo some long-awaited legitimacy. Unless they get pimped, they will continue to be Edge's whipping boys.


DJ Gabriel

All I need to say is "stop dancing!"

This guy's not that bad of a wrestler; maybe if he were taken seriously, he could climb the ladder in the Land of Extreme. I think they just need to let this guy be himself.


These two don't seem to be on the radar anymore:



This guy was good in TNA as "Kizarian," but the whole "Carny" routine just isn't doing it.

I think they need to drop the gimmick and give him some air time; it's been almost two months since his last appearance. I wouldn't be surprised if the WWE decided to drop him, and it would be a shame, considering his talent and following.


DH Smith

I haven't seen this guy in ages! Last I remember, he was getting a royal beatdown from JBL.

Regardless, he's solid technically, and he has a lot going for himself, being the son of a great like "The British Bulldog" Davey Smith. I think he needs to inherit his father's trademark and start carrying the British flag ringside, with the British colors adorning his trunks.

Who knows, maybe he can team up with fresh talent like Tyson Kidd and Natalya and reform the "Hart Foundation." I just hope he doesn't get thrown out with the rest of the trash.


So, who do you want to see pimped?


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