Another Idea for the WWE Tag Team Division

catalina monsalveCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

This is my first article so I decided to write about a topic that I have been reading a lot of; the suggestion that the WWE tag team division needs improvement.

Anybody who loves wrestling knows about the current problem with the WWE tag team division, and the fact there aren't enough teams, and there are two championships. 

Well I'm a huge John Morrison and The Miz fan, mostly Morrison (you can't blame me I'm a woman) and come on these guys are amazing. They are good heels, entertaining and always put in a great performance when they come to the ring.

2008 feuds were awesome and they have won everything, even after they lost the WWE tag team championship. Love or hate them you always want to see those guys, lose or win. 

OK these guys are trying to make the WWE tag team division work again but the WWE can help on that (it should help), why don't they do tag team ladder matches again or steel cage matches? What happened with those matches?

I mean the WWE had those matches before, why don't use them now when the tag team division in having problems? 

Luckily for mofos and miz-fits and unlucky for their haters, Miz and Morrison are everywhere, so why WWE don’t put their best team today in a ladder match or steel cage.

We have never seen The Miz in a extreme match (only the extreme rules vs. Delaney and Dreamer) so I'm very curious to see how The Miz will be in both of their matches. We have seen Morrison many times in those matches and I have to say WHAT MATCHES THEY WERE. 

Not only Miz and Morrison, but anybody in the current tag teams has ever been in a ladder or steel cage match. I have thought about this many times, and i really want to see something that the WWE said they want to do, which make people believe again in the tag team division. 

So that’s my idea for WWE tag team division. What do you think about that?