Triple H Set to Speak at WWE Raw: 5 Things He May Say or Do

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistAugust 27, 2012

Triple H Set to Speak at WWE Raw: 5 Things He May Say or Do

0 of 5 advertised Triple H for Monday's Raw, and speculation has already began as to what his speech could entail. 

    So allow the speculation to continue.

    The WWE has placed a particular emphasis on the opening hour of Raw during the three-hour era. Just last week, the WWE burned through one of Brock Lesnar's precious dates in order to feature him shuffling back and forth while Paul Heyman led a sermon. 

    This week will see surefire Hall of Famer and current WWE COO Triple H dawn a bionic cast as he addresses his future in the WWE. 

Possible Heel Turn

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    Last time we saw Triple H, he was being jeered by fans while attempting to draw sympathy cheers after a valiant effort fell short against Brock Lesnar. 

    Very audible "You Tapped Out" chants rained down from the Staples Center as Triple H sold an arm injury and helplessly retreated to the locker room after apologizing to fans and pantomiming the words "goodbye."  

    Possibly playing off of the unfavorable chants, a long-awaited heel turn could commence as Triple H reacts in-kind to the very fans who mocked him during his time of vulnerability. 

WrestleMania 29 Tease

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    Whether it's against his old buddy Shawn Michaels or—God forbid—another match against the Undertaker, it's possible that a surprise interruption could kick off an early build toward WrestleMania 29. That could be the next time we see Triple H inside a wrestling ring. 

Triple H Stepping Down from His Post as COO

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    Retirement rumors are dominating speculation, just as the WWE wants them to. However, this is usually the indication that the WWE is using the obvious as a red herring to divert viewers from the real payoff. 

    An easy pivot would be for Triple H to realize that his powers as COO betrayed him as he used his corporate influence to instruct referee Scott Armstrong to officiate a "fight to the finish." 

    That is exactly what ended up happening, except it was Triple H who would be finished. Come Monday, he could be finished in more ways than one. 

A Rematch with Brock Lesnar

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    This wouldn't be ideal considering the diminishing dates on Lesnar's contract, not to mention how flat the last match fell, but Triple H has been repeatedly described as a "warrior" prone to dying on his shield. 

    He's not quite dead yet, and it would not be out of character for Triple H to continue to fight to the death. 


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    As has been speculated, Triple H's appearance on Raw could lead to the Game retiring from in-ring competition. 

    Given the unceremonious way that his last match went, it is unlikely that this will be the case, even if he does make that announcement. 

    Only time will tell what Triple's future really holds. 


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