A Renney for Your Thoughts

Steve McSweenSenior Analyst IFebruary 27, 2009

I have always said there may not be a smarter coach in the game than Tom Renney, and if he were coaching the San Jose Sharks they would have won a Stanley Cup already.

That being said, nobody could have gotten this seasons installment of the New York Rangers off to a better record than the 31-23-7 record Renney finished with.

No disrespects to John Tortorella, i'm sure he has already found out after going 0-1-1 in his first two games behind the bench.

This team hasn't got a top-three forward, and the way Scott Gomez and Chris Drury have flopped they may not even have a second line guy either.

In fact I don't think I have ever seen a team do so well with so little, their top scorers are nowhere near a point a game and everyone on the club is a minus.

What I thought may be a rejuvenated campaign for Wade Redden has turned into a repeat of what Senators fans saw last season, and Michal Rozsival thinks he is the second coming of Paul Coffey since signing a huge contract in the summer, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Renney somehow got this team 8 games over 500, not even god himself could have worked that miracle.

If the Rangers organization felt the need for a change than it probably should have started at the top with the firing of the Glen Sather and his less than brilliant spending habits.

Be careful what you wish for Ranger fans, firing Renney made about as much since as bringing back Sean Avery, which looks like will inevitably happen Monday even though Sather could wait until the summer and get him much cheaper than his $1.7 million price tag if he is to claim him off re-entry waivers from Dallas.

The only good thing about this firing is that Tom Renney could end up behind a decent teams bench and get to actually coach some talent one day.

This move may have just cost the Rangers their playoff spot.

They say a penny saved is a penny earned, but in this case if Sather had have been smarter with his pennies it would have saved a Renney!