Matt Cassel: Where Will He Be Playing Next Season?

Matt ConstantCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

What about Matt Cassel?

Not too much to think about; the Patriots designated him as the franchise player, so he is guaranteed $14.65 million for one season to be Tom Brady's backup.

He is an excellent insurance policy since he seems to thrive in the Patriots' system. Here is a look at the possible scenarios.


Keep him

This is the most troubling scenario because paying $14 million for one year is too much. Unless they restructure the contract to pay him $14 million over numerous years, then forget it. They need to restructure Vince Wilfork's contract and think about draft picks. No way do you want your backup to make more than your starter.


Trade him

Several teams in the NFL are in dire need of a quarterback: Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, San Francisco, Tennessee (if they do not re-sign Kerry Collins, then the unstable Vince Young is the quarterback), Cleveland, Kansas City, and Minnesota.



Yes, Lovie Smith, we know that Kyle Orton is now your quarterback. He showed promise, but is he good enough to lead the Bears through a playoff run. I would say, "probably not." Making a run for Cassel would be a good decision, but the Bears hate to part with draft picks.



The Lions need a quarterback who won't scramble and cause a safety without being touched. Cassel has leadership, which is something the Lions are lacking, and he has talent, which is also something Detroit is lacking. People are saying Cassel is only good because of the Patriots system. Well, Detroit has Calvin Johnson who is a receiving threat, and with their draft picks, they could establish a good offensive line. Could they possibly trade Cassel for Ernie Sims and picks?


St. Louis

Marc Bulger has been consistent (kind of), but it is time to move on. They need a quarterback who can get it done and won't lead them to another losing season.


San Francisco

Alex Smith is worthless, and J.T. O'Sullivan is more worthless. They need a quarterback who can win. O'Sullivan is a good backup; besides that, he's nothing.



If they don't re-sign Collins, then they may want a quarterback who is consistent. Vince Young is there, but can he recover from his supposed breakdown? So, they may want Cassel. This is the least likely thing to happen.



Brady Quinn is serviceable, but he didn't show much last year, and Derek Anderson was awful. A new quarterback could be nice.


Kansas City

Scott Pioli drafted Cassel, so why not get him as his quarterback? This could warrant a first-round draft pick. Pioli has been known to make steals in the past.



Tarvaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte—not the two names you want to hear as your quarterback. Cassel could have a huge impact with the Vikings. They get a good quarterback, and they are now Super Bowl contenders.


Well, that's basically it. Will he stay or will he go?