WWE: 6 Reasons Why Alberto Del Rio Will Defeat Sheamus

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIAugust 27, 2012

WWE: 6 Reasons Why Alberto Del Rio Will Defeat Sheamus

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    In a half dozen chances, Alberto Del Rio has failed to defeat Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. But at Night of Champions, Del Rio will finally capture his destiny and dethrone the Great White.

    It's brave on WWE's part to continue this feud.

    These two men have gone at it for nearly half a year. So far, the duo has yet to really put on a memorable show. Del Rio doesn't garner the respect and attention other heels such as Daniel Bryan or even Damien Sandow do.

    Each time another match is announced, a collective groan is heard from the WWE Universe.

    It's the same thing, over and over again.

    But this time, at Night of Champions, the results will be different. Here are six reasons why Del Rio will leave as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

It's Something Different

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    Alberto Del Rio set out to become the World Heavyweight Champion on April 2, 2012. Since then, Del Rio has taken on Sheamus in one-on-one matches, Fatal Four-Way matches and non-title matches.

    The result is usually the same: Del Rio loses.

    There is no reason to continue this feud unless something finally is going to change. Unless Del Rio is released if he loses one more time, a win for the Mexican Aristocrat is the only thing uniquely different.

    One more fair loss for Del Rio is a waste of time for everyone.

Alberto Del Rio Has Beaten Everyone Else

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    Alberto Del Rio has defeated Sheamus in non-title matches. He's beaten Kane and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match to become the official No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    He's also gained victories over Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio to remain in contention.

    Most recently, Del Rio earned a legitimate win over Orton.

    Over and over again, Del Rio has knocked off major opponents and remained the No. 1 contender. He's even beaten the champion when the title isn't on the line.

    It's time he takes the next step.

The World Heavyweight Championship Will Provide More Legitimacy to Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio is grossly underrated by fans.

    He has the size and look of a champion. He can move with decent speed and he has respectable strength.

    He's also a good technical wrestler.

    Yet fans still aren't buying into Del Rio as a main event persona.

    The World Heavyweight Championship around his waist would help his cause. A win would allow Del Rio to shove his expensive cars, money and now championship belt down fans' throats.

    The move would make him a stronger heel.

A Transition to Someone Else Is Easier Through Del Rio

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    Anyone who has watched WWE this year should recognize that Dolph Ziggler's star is rising.

    Yet, like Alberto Del Rio, Ziggler hasn't quite gotten over Sheamus.

    It's hard to tell if it's because WWE is not ready to put Ziggler in that high of a position yet, or if they just do not want to damage Sheamus' legitimacy.

    So why not have Del Rio defeat Sheamus, then Ziggler cash-in on Del Rio?

    Right now, it is too difficult to see Ziggler cleanly beating Sheamus. But it's easy to see Del Rio do it. Ziggler beating Del Rio is definitely doable.

    Granted, a win for Del Rio followed by an immediate loss to Ziggler would negate the slide prior. Holding the World Heavyweight Championship for a short time and losing to a future star won't do huge favors for Del Rio.

    It's one or the other in this case: Win and build heat as a heel champion, or be a transitional champion for the next guy.

    Note: Even transitioning from Del Rio to Randy Orton would make sense. Orton and Sheamus would be a great feud, but it would be tricky. Two faces don't generally fight, so one would have to turn heel. If Orton did it, he'd still be cheered. Hence, inserting Del Rio as a transitional champion to move the belt from Sheamus to Orton would work without having anyone switch.

Del Rio Will Cheat to Win

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    Alberto Del Rio is the worst kind of heel.

    He talks a huge game and flaunts his money to the WWE Universe, but then uses dirty tactics. His personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, distracts the referee. He uses foreign objects. Worst of all, he runs away like a coward.

    Though, most of these things have backfired in recent weeks.

    Also, Rodriguez has been very underutilized in the same span.

    At Night of Champions, Del Rio will cheat and win the World Heavyweight Championship. Whether it's hitting Sheamus with a belt, a shoe or a chair, it's going to finally work this time.

    And the whole thing will be perfectly set up by none other than Rodriguez.

Alberto Del Rio Is Due

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    To summarize: Alberto Del Rio is due.

    He's been chasing his destiny now since April.

    He wins every other match that is thrown at him from Triple Threat to No. 1 contender matches. The only one he hasn't is the big one.

    He's beaten every opponent, sometimes two or three times and sometimes two or three at a time, including Sheamus himself.

    WWE obviously believes in Del Rio. It's the only explanation for why he continues to receive so many opportunities.

    Last time, he was cheated out of a victory (his foot was on the rope). At Night of Champions, it'll be Del Rio's turn to win—even if he's the one doing the cheating.