Milwaukee Bucks: Is This the Season We Show Monta Ellis Some Love?

Ernest ShepardAnalyst IIIAugust 25, 2012

Will Ellis finally get his due?
Will Ellis finally get his due?Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Is it time for us to show Monta Ellis some love?

Ellis is one of the most exciting scorers in the NBA that no one mentions about. Playing for the Golden State Warriors and now for Milwaukee Bucks will have you in obscurity.

Very few players with a career scoring average of 19.5 receive such lack of attention as Ellis does. He simply puts on his jersey, laces up his shoes and hits the basketball court for his team. All of that gets done while torching the nets in a somewhat quiet fashion.

Why has Ellis received very little fanfare?

The answer is unknown, but just as mind boggling is why he has not received much consideration for the All-Star team.

Again, playing for the Warriors can hurt you, but talent is talent. Where you play should not matter if you are a good player.

It is possible that the trade sending Ellis to the Bucks will help develop his profile. At the very least, playing alongside one of the NBA’s better point guards, Brandon Jennings, should help.

Having a taste of the playoffs would do wonders for Ellis’ career; the fact that he has only been to the postseason once hurts him. It suggests that Ellis cannot be a leader of a franchise, but he just puts up great numbers for a terrible team.


The Bucks were not awful last season. They flirted with the playoffs only to fall short in the final week. This time, they have the team that can make the playoffs and quietly make a run once they get in.

How well Ellis and Jennings can play with each other will speak volumes for both players.  This goes especially for Ellis, as he can become a free-agent at season’s end by opting out of his deal. There would be no shortage of suitors if he does.

Teams who are looking at shooting guards will no doubt be looking to sign him.

The hope for Bucks fans is that Ellis likes playing in Milwaukee and is willing to be a building block while the team looks to construct a winning team.

This being Ellis’ first full season with the Bucks organization, he will have a chance at getting some recognition if they get off to a good start.

For now, Ellis is an overlooked gem, playing for a franchise that is in dire need of some excitement.

Will this be the year that he gets his due?