Kellen Winslow Trade: What Are the Cleveland Browns Thinking?

Joseph BosaCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

What are the Cleveland Browns thinking right now?

They've essentially traded one of the premiere tight ends in the National Football League—Kellen Winslow—for a couple of draft picks.

This has to be one of the worst trades I've seen in that last five years. Yes, I understand that head coach Eric Mangini is trying to install his own players, while getting current players to forget about past failures.

But how can you trade away such a talented tight end and get nothing much in return?

He's a proven player who has made the Pro Bowl, and who could have become Brady Quinn's best friend in the passing game next year.

The Browns have enough holes as it is, and now they have one at tight end. Who do they have left? Steve Heiden and some fourth-round pick out of Mizzou named Martin Rucker.

Those two guys can be expressed in one word: unproven.

Now, not only does the Browns' defense suck, but now their passing game will suffer as well.

The next thing that Eric "The Fat" Mangini could screw up would be to trade Braylon Edwards. If that happens, you can tell Brady that he's going to be cut next year.

Mangini has taken one of the only bright spots of the team and trashed it. Rumor has it that the Browns might get a second-round pick out of it. If that happens, the only thing that a Browns fan can hope for is that Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew slides, because there is no one else in this year's draft class that can make an impact.

People might ask "What about James Casey?" The answer: overrated and too old.

What about Cornelius Ingram? Slow as peanut butter dripping down a wall.

I hope you're happy Browns fans, because Mangini just screwed us all.