Sage Rosenfels: The Answer to the Minnesota Vikings' QB Problem?

Andy RAnalyst IFebruary 27, 2009

Well, it's become official.  The Vikings have made a move at Quarterback. With their fourth-round draft pick, the Vikings select...Sage Rosenfels, Houston Texans. Doesn't really have a nice ring to it if you ask me. 

Well, since this rumor spread about five days ago, Vikings fans have been outraged.  With free agents on the market such as Jeff Garcia and Kurt Warner, Vikings fans have every right to be angry. 

Jeff Garcia is a proven QB who can still throw and scramble. He single-handedly brought the Eagles to the playoffs and then just missed bringing the Bucs in this past season. 

Kurt Warner proved he can still play at his ancient age.  So with these two QB's on the market, why did they go after Rosenfels?  Warner's price tag was about 10 million more than the Vikings would like to spend.  As for Garcia, the Vikings saw him as just too old to lead a team anymore. 

They honestly believe Rosenfels is THE ANSWER that we Vikings fans have longed for.  Also, just ask any Bucs fan.  Garcia was not worth it.  He would rather run than throw that ball.  Something the Vikings are trying to get away from. 



So what exactly did the Vikings see in Rosenfels that puts him miles above Jackson? For one, completion percentage was a huge issue. A west-coast offense needs a QB with a higher completion percentage, and Rosenfels certainly has that over Jackson.  He's completed about 65 percent of his passes over the last four years. 

That's very good news for Vikings fans as Jackson has struggled to reach 60 percent in any of his three years and Gus completed just 59.1 percent last season. Rosenfels also has a very strong arm with good accuracy. 

That will also come in handy while throwing down field to a sprinting Berrian, something Jackson continuously overthrew by 5-10 yards.  Sacks were a huge concern this past season for the Vikings OL. 

That's largely in part to the right side of the OL where a whopping 24 sacks came from last season and a very immobile QB.  A new RT would improve this a little, but what's more important is a QB who can get rid of the ball.  That Rosenfels also does well.  He sees and target and gets rid of it. 

Frerrote and Jackson both hesitated to throw the ball which caused a ton of sacks.



Though his completion percentage is good, his TD-INT ratio is about the same as Jackson, 1:1.  In Houston, he had Pro Bowl WR's and TE's to throw to.   That's something he won't get in Minny. 

Berrian is good, but he's no Johnson. Rosenfels is also widely known for single-handedly destroying the Texans in the final couple minutes of the fourth quarter against a lousy Colts defense. 

He threw an INT and fumbled the ball on a stupid hurdle instead of just sliding to the ground.  You could say he was the Colts MVP for that game.  He's never held a starting job for more than five consecutive games.



This may seem like a terrible mover, especially with some good QB's on the market.  The fact is, the Vikings can't afford a QB like Warner or Garcia. They both will likely demand $9+ million per year. The Vikings haven't had much luck past the third in the draft the last several years. 

Sage is probably a safe bet for a fourth rounder. The Vikings OL is better than the Texans OL, but it's up to Rosenfels to get rid of the ball and make a play.  I would rather have seen Garcia in a Vikings uniform, but Sage may not be as bad as some people think. 

Only time will truly tell.