Florida Championship Wrestling Spoilers

Adam LewisContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

Dark match:

Maverick Darsow, Brett DiBiase, and Tank Mulligan beat Tristan Delta, Derrick Bateman, and Abraham Washington.

Taping 1:

*There is a backstage segment of the aftermath where Kaval is attacked prior to his scheduled match against FCW Heavyweight Champion Eric Escobar.

*Joe Hennig pinned Drew McIntyre.

*Tyson Kidd and DH Smith had a confrontation in the ring that ended in a Pull-Apart Brawl Match set for next week.

*Angela Fong beat Rosa Mendes.

*Ricky Ortiz pinned Ryback.

*FCW Tag Team Champions Tyler Reks and Johnny Curtis beat Jon Cutler and Dylan Klein.

*Eric Escobar issued an open challenge that DH Smith answered. Escobar pinned Smith after interference from Kidd.

Taping 2:

*Kaleb O'Neal and Lawrence Knight beat someone impersonating (poorly) Sweet Papi Sanchez in a handicap squash.

*Mister Tarver pinned Johnny Prime.

*Joe Hennig cut a promo promising a harder edge to his persona and challenged Escobar to a title match next week. Escobar accepted.

*Sheamus O'Shaunessy pinned Ricky Ortiz.

*Caylen Croft and Trent Beretta beat DJ Gabriel and Kizarny.

*DH Smith made Tyson Kidd submit to the sharpshooter.

Taping 3:

*Sebastian Slater pinned Paul Lloyd.

*Drew McIntyre pinned Kris Logan.

*Yoshitatsu beat Lennox McEnroe by submission.

*FCW Tag Team Champions Tyler Reks and Johnny Curtis beat Caylen Croft and Trent Beretta by disqualification.

*Joe Hennig pinned FCW Heavyweight Champion Eric Escobar to win the FCW Heavyweight Championship. Braddock watched the match from the front row while on his laptop computer.


FCW might have blown it with Tyson Kidd losing cleanly to DH Smith in the first match of a feud that has been building for weeks. The crowd was looking for a screwy finish so the feud can continue, but unless the plan is to take Tyson off the FCW roster permanently, the finish made absolutely no sense. 

Escobar kicked out of the first Hennig-plex.

This was Sebastian Slater's first match back at the FCW arena since injuring his knee in October/November.

The middle rope broke during the Escobar-Smith match, but they managed to work through it.

I was surprised to see Ryback get squashed by Ortiz rather quickly. Just a few weeks ago, they seemed high on Ryback.

While filming a ringside bit with the announcers, Dusty Rhodes and Josh Matthews, the crowd had a loud "Colt Cabana" chant in tribute to recently released FCW icon Scotty Goldman. This seems to get under the skin of Dusty.

After the bit was taped, he asked us what we were saying, so we replied "Colt Cabana." Dusty quickly snarled back "he's gone" and made the thumb-hit-the-road gesture.