Browns Trade Kellen Winslow Jr. to Buccaneers

Andrew BrittonCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

The Cleveland Browns are having an eventful start to free agency, as the team chose to trade pro-bowler Kellen Winslow Jr. to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With Quinn being the assumed starter, the move is surprising in the sense that the two seem to have very good chemistry. In all fairness, they've only played together a few games. An untested Rucker and reasonably productive Heiden remain. Mangini has been very clear that he is looking for team players. Winslow hates losing, and probably could become a productive, team player if the coach and GM were able to motivate him. However, as Shaun Rogers will tell you, player-coach communication is not at an all time high right now. In addition, he has had many health problems. His body will wear down eventually.

In return for the star tight end, the Browns received undisclosed, draft picks. Multiple draft picks will help the Browns be more flexible and youth oriented. That being said, the validity of the trade is impossible to judge, as few know what Cleveland will actually receive in return. The offense set a record this season for longest TD drought. Currently, Cleveland has only downgraded. That isn't to say that the draft picks may more than suffice for the loss.

He is a great player, an exciting player. Fans loved watching him, and he will be missed. Hopefully, the draft picks will stimulate success and translate into a few more wins.

The Buccaneers get a very capable, if injury prone, TE. The new environment is going to encourage KW2, and he should have a productive season for the Bucs.


The Buccaneers have the 19th pick in round 1. They have one pick each in rounds 1 through 6 and have two picks in the 7th.

Winslow accounted for 4.6 million dollars against the salary cap, 7th highest on the team.


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