Previewing the 2009 Yankees Pitching Rotation: Part One—CC Sabathia

Jimmy KraftContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

Yankees manager Joe Girardi a few days ago revealed his pitching rotation for 2009.  Obviously, you don't pay someone $161,000,000 over seven years to not be the ace of the staff, unless of course you are the San Francisco Giants. As a fan of logic, I thoroughly agree with putting arguably the best southpaw in the game, CC Sabathia, as your ace.

In case you were wondering, over the past three seasons this is how the Mets' Johan Santana and Yankees' CC Sabathia have matched up.



1. 50-26 Win-Loss Record

2. 687 IP

3. 2.88 ERA (152 ERA+)

4. 1.073 WHIP

5. 686 K's



1. 48-28 Win-Loss Record

2. 686.7 IP

3. 3.04 ERA (148 ERA+)

4. 1.143 WHIP

5. 632 K's


As you can see from these five commonly used stats to measure pitchers, Santana takes all five. What these stats don't take into account are wins taken away because of the bullpen and the types of teams these guys were on.

Sabathia's teams were a collective 252-234 over the past three seasons, while Santana-led teams were 264-222. But Sabathia made the postseason twice to Santana's once during that time span.

As the stats tell us, Santana is the better ace in New York, but it will be interesting to see who comes out on top this season. The Mets have a good lineup, but it doesn't have the pop (on paper) that the Yankees' lineup has.

Furthermore, with the addition of K-Rod, maybe Santana will have the luxury of knowing if he gets it to the eighth or ninth he will most likely get a win. I still believe the Yankees' bullpen is stronger than the Mets, but we'll see as the 2009 season rolls on.

Next time we will examine Chien-Ming Wang's effect for the Yankees. While he might not be a bona fide No. 1 starter, he does match up very well against other number twos in the league.

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