Should The WWE Diva's Get There Own Show?

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

What would the WWE be without there Divas?

I think everyone will agree with me that were all partial to seeing the Diva's on Smackdown and Raw.

There beauty and elegance takes us away from the four sweaty men who were in the ring before them. But do we as wrestling fans watch them because they are beautiful or that they can wrestle?

I was speaking to a friend of mine whilst we were watching Raw and she said to me "do men actually watch the women fight"

The typical male response would be "who doesn't want to see two women roll around the ring"

She carried on "Well the women actually look like they can wrestle now do they have there own show"

It got me thinking do the WWE diva's deserve there own show?

They can't feel to good about getting so little TV time, and maybe it is just me, but there is always only one story for the women revolving around the title or in the case of smackdown around someone turning into a heel.

The WWE could afford a venture like this proving that women's wrestling has come along way and that they don't have to take a back seat to the men anymore.

With the way thing are at the moment, do we really need two Women Championships?

I hear what your saying "whose going to watch it?" But to be fair, these amazing athletes deserve a chance to prove themselves just as much as the big dogs on Raw and Smackdown. 

I'm not saying take them of Raw and Smackdown altogether just do what they do with the ECW brand and let them come to Smackdown or Raw to fill the void from time to time.

So many young men look up to the WWE superstars, what about those young women who need that female role model?

Since Trish Stratus left I think the women division has lost a lot of credibility, but with more face time I think this generation of divas could leave a huge mark on the WWE.

What do what you think?