Ranking Each Washington Wizards Player by Importance for the 2012-13 Season

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Ranking Each Washington Wizards Player by Importance for the 2012-13 Season

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    The Washington Wizards have plenty of players who can step up and make a big impact next season, but a proper rotation could make this team dangerous down the road. With new and familiar talent in play, let's see how they stack up in means of importance.

    Keep in mind this is a fairly deep team as far as talent is concerned. While they don't have many stars, they are filled with solid role players and many young guys looking to make a name for themselves in the Association.

    This list doesn't rank the players based off who is the best player, but focuses on what they bring to the team this season. Let's check it out.

15. Shelvin Mack

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    Shelvin Mack was an outstanding college player, but likely won't develop into a star on the next level. He should be able to consistently land a job within the league, but will be a everyday role player at best.

    While he isn't the best athlete in the world, but has the talent to spread the floor with an average jumper. Don't look for Mack to see many minutes with the Wizards this season, but wouldn't be the worst option in the world as a potential backup point guard.

14. Tomas Satoranksy

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    This guy could honestly end up being a steal from the 2012 NBA draft. He will have to transition his game from the European level, but has a sound set of point guard skills as well as coveted athleticism.

    Satoransky will be another example of a guy who likely won't see major minutes in his rookie season, but will be an regular in the rotation when he develops. He's got good size and a strong body for a guard, but would benefit from working on his one-on-one game on both ends of the floor.

    Washington is a young team, so there isn't a major hurry for him to rush into relevance, but he will be an asset when his time comes.

13. Cartier Martin

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    Cartier Martin has struggled to keep a job in the NBA, but should see some playing time after being signed on for another stint with the Washington Wizards. He is an aggressive scorer who will spread the floor, but tends to be an atrocious distributor.

    However last season, Martin did average a career-high 44 percent shooting from the field, as well as putting up 9.3 points a game. He earned regular playing time last season, but will likely see a decrease with Bradley Beal and Trevor Ariza in town.

12. Martell Webster

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    Martell Webster is a bust as far as NBA standards are concerned, but still isn't a bad player to have on a team. While he has been hampered by injuries in his short career, Washington was smart by picking the forward up.

    He is valuable for the Wizards based on his shooting range and great athletic ability, but has an unknown role at this point. Washington could use some more depth at the small forward and shooting guard positions, but shouldn't take important minutes away from developing players.

    An underachiever yes, but that doesn't mean the 25-year-old still can't be a key piece for the Wizards this season.

11. Jan Vesely

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    Will Jan Vesely live up to his lottery selection in the 2011 NBA draft? It's still too early to tell, but he needs to tap into his potential in the upcoming season.

    Young and athletic, Vesely looks like he will be a combo forward for years to come. Either bulking up his physique or extending his shooting range will greatly help him advance as a player, but he must get a feel for the NBA style of basketball.

    He has the ability to slash to the basket, but needs to polish his other skills to become an everyday threat. Vesely has a long way to go, but should focus on improving on both his talents and physical make-up.

10. A.J. Price

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    A.J. Price is this high simply because he's the only NBA-ready point guard Washington has besides John Wall. He is a shoot-first player, but must change that to have a successful stay with the Wizards.

    The great thing about Price is that he isn't a turnover machine, but he needs to work on distributing the ball to be completely effective. He doesn't have the greatest range, but tends to jack up unwarranted three-pointers instead of making a smart play.

    While Price isn't an elite athlete, reworking his point guard approach will help him gain playing time for Washington. Guys like this can always find work, but focusing on his distribution and defense will make him a more valuable asset for his team.

9. Trevor Booker

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    Trevor Booker is a powerful man who thrives based off his energy and hustle. He is an efficient scorer inside who makes up for his lack of height with his willingness to be physical inside.

    Booker had an improved Sophomore season in the NBA by averaging 8.4 points and 6.5 rebounds a game, but is one of the many young Wizards making a big impact for the growing team. He helps bring depth to a solid front court in Washington, and should see even more minutes in the upcoming year.

8. Chris Singleton

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    Chris Singleton is a perfect example of a guy who exceeds based off hard work and effort. He is a banger inside the paint and has the tendency to play much bigger than his size dictates.

    Along with that, Singleton isn't a bad spot-up shooter either. He will not create shots for himself, but can knock down deep shots when given the chance.

    Being a smart defender will earn him more minutes, but he will only get better as time goes on. Singleton is a solid rebounder who can shut a wing down defensively. Look for him to be a nice backup for years to come.

7. Kevin Seraphin

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    Kevin Seraphin is a beast physically who earned major minutes towards the end of the 2011-12 NBA season. In April alone, he averaged 15.5 points and seven rebounds while playing 32.7 minutes a game.

    He continues to bring his offensive game around, but still must work on being a smarter defender. While effective in the paint, Seraphin is still prone to foul trouble when being aggressive.

    At 22 years old, Seraphin has the potential to be special in the NBA. He's got the size and is on a nice developing pace, but still has things to work on to become a major factor.

    Don't be surprised to see him get there sooner rather than later.

6. Jordan Crawford

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    Jordan Crawford is a perfect sixth man for Washington. He's a bulk scorer who can lead a second unit when called upon. He is a little too selfish with the ball, but has shown signs of being a pretty good passer.

    A better shot selection is a must for Crawford, as seeing smarter opportunities makes Washington a much more efficient team. Being as quick as he is, he can easily get to the basket to create a play. However, he should look to dish the ball off as a defense collapses on him.

    Experience will help Crawford grow talent-wise, but learning from mistakes will make the biggest difference in play. If he can up his field goal percentage and help his team's offense flow better, there is no reason he can't compete for the Sixth Man of the Year award.

5. Emeka Okafor

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    Washington needed a complete defender in the paint, and they picked him up by trading for Emeka Okafor in the offseason. Not only can he rebound, but he has a big frame that can rise up and block shots as well.

    While limited offensively, Okafor makes up for it by taking smart shots. You rarely see him set up for a shot outside of 12 feet, but he converts his opportunities with a 53 percent mark from the field.

    Okafor will be the defensive anchor for Washington, but has no set role so far. It would make plenty of sense from a rotation standpoint to bring him in early off the bench for Nene, but could end up starting based off his defensive ability.

    Either way he is an impact player for the Wizards who will be a force defensively when on the floor. Washington has flexibility with the big man, but he will succeed no matter what.

4. Trevor Ariza

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    The second part of Washington's deal with the New Orleans Hornets, Trevor Ariza, shows they are serious about improving defensively. He is a great wing defender who will often pick up tough assignments when on the floor.

    He is another Wizard that must work on his shot selection, but playing with John Wall should benefit his game marginally. Working on getting to the rim would help him find more opportunity, but he is a pretty good shooter from deep.

    Overall, this move is one of the most underrated of the NBA offseason. This helps Washington in many ways, but most importantly helps them become a more serious playoff contender.

3. Bradley Beal

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    Bradley Beal is going to be a stud in a few years. With his raw talents waiting to develop, it's only a matter of time until he becomes one of the notable scorers in the NBA.

    For now, Washington should focus on implementing him within the rotation and find him some opportunity. While we will likely see him take bulk shots, he is a capable threat who is improving on his overall game.

    Beal averaged 17.6 points a game in the NBA Summer League, but showed he could do more than just score. He is an outstanding rebounding guard who can also play solid team defense.

    As he continues to grow, his role will increase, but for now just look for him to get his feet wet. Beal has a bright future, and is vital to the Wizards going forward.

2. Nene

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    The Wizards gave up a lot of untapped potential in JaVale McGee to acquire Nene, but this move should prove to be a success for Washington. Nene is an extremely efficient scorer who will give John Wall an ideal target inside.

    He isn't a dominant defender, but is a decent rebounder who works hard on both ends of the floor. Nene can run the court and will be an asset to a growing team.

    Washington has much improved depth in the front court this season, but look for Nene to hold down his starting role to create a solid big man rotation.

1. John Wall

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    Will this be the year John Wall breaks out for an All-Star season? With the talented team we have covered so far, I would bank on it.

    Wall has elite athleticism and has showed improvement last season in many areas. While he had a great month in January, averaging 19.2 points on 48 percent from the field, he slowly tapered off into play below his talent level. However, he did finish the season off with five-straight game with double-digit assist totals.

    Working on his court vision would drastically help him reach the next level. He was the league's second worst player in terms of turnovers a game last season, but can change that with new and improved targets next year.

    The ability is there, but it's up to him to lead the Washington Wizards into contention in the near future. With the proper pieces in play, look for Wall to shine next season.