They Just Did Us and Undid Us in...WHC@Mania

Ricky BhatiaContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

The grand daddy is 37 days adrift. The WWE just shined brilliance and gave in one of the best story lines in recent years...rko V HHH.

Orton`s been unleashed taking out McMahon clan one after the another echoing some punts heard around the world. And his legacy stable is doing wonders. There was some fuss about how ugly and disgusting it was when Orton rkoed Stephanie...but I think it made hhh what I was looking for.

I had always been a great fan of HHH over the years but his face character was getting stale now....he had no feuds of substance recently...what was that with Koslov? I can't call it a feud even.

This story line is one of the best in recent years, when was last we were eagerly wondering what would happen the next week?

I'm still pondering what would we see next. We have already seen destruction of McMahons...and we have seen an angry HHH with a belt, unleashing hell and a heel given a push of a lifetime.

We may see a passing of the torch at WM. WWE rejuvenated the rivalry and put it to new heights.

But as I see...the other side of the rocks pisses me...superman cena v sadistic edge (a whining baby nowadays). Did they think Edge screwing cena out of the chamber at nwo would generate the heat required?

This ultimate oppurtunistic thing is getting many times we would see edge turning out of nowhere to win the belt? first money in the bank cashing, at one night stand...we have seen Cna being screwed by Edge many a times and they have done nothing this time to raise the bar.

OR a guy who went out of the chamber like a flash deserves it at wm 25?

Would putting in Vickie in the angle do some good? Hell, she is the most annoying thing I have seen on tv, and now she is running things around, feeding us with Chavo and Cena for the main event. We have seen Cena chasing Edge, what can we see next?

Cena doing f-u on Vickie and Cena coming out on top fighting all odds against familia??...hell

And these days Cena haters are at an all time high. I can see some cheers for edge. All I can say is that WWE dropped the balls at whc match and they will have to do with boring chants.

More hell...Cena gets the belt at wm. But I like Edge's chances here.

Possibly with 'Taker and Shawn, WWE will be staging a dream match...after a decade. I am sure it will be a classic, the two greatest wm legends going at it in their own yard. HATS OFF HERE. Streak comes out alive here.

Jericho insulting legends week in and out. I see Austin or maybe Rourke (he is done with the oscars), I hope its not Rourke. Nor Austin. They are banking on Jericho's heat  to carry off this one.

Brother`s angle has been painted off nicely, and i see their match on smackdown getting nowhere.They are going slow and steady on this one.

well, i see wwe may be getting hurrahs and boos at the same night.They rejuvenated a classic rivalry, but fell short on the other.They can argue if it was not cena then who? maybe they could have get in show,or rey or christian ?.

As for the pic, it`s better Cena and Hogan than this thing. After all,it`s all about the money.

As for b/r, this is my first one, and I hope Cena haters increase exponentially 'til they fix him up.