The John Report: 20 Ideas for WWE to Consider at WrestleMania & More

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The John Report: 20 Ideas for WWE to Consider at WrestleMania & More
Graphic courtesy Steve Melo

It's Aug. 24. What's the significance of that? It's the 67th birthday of World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Did I know that when I planned to write this column? Not really. The timing is nice, though, isn't it? Happy birthday Vince!

My name is John Canton. I'm a wrestling fan who's 31 years old. I've been watching World Wrestling Entertainment programming since I was about five years old. I've seen every PPV, nearly every Raw and every Smackdown. I've been writing about the product on and off for a decade. For the last three-plus years, I've written about Raw every week.

I've been to dozens of live WWE events in my life from PPVs to Raw to Smackdown and house shows. I've been to the last two WrestleManias and plan on making it three in a row in 2013 as well.

I have so much respect for everybody involved in the wrestling business because I know how hard they work to put on a show for us every day, week, month and year. Despite all of that, there are still things I would change.

I'm not a whiner or complainer. I look at the wrestling business in a positive light. I always compare it to a favorite sports team. Deep down I love the team. I always will. But do I agree with everything they do? Of course not. Being a fan means you care about what you're watching and spending your time on. I'm a fan of WWE and always be.

My rules for this column are that I can't pick something that is unrealistic. For example, I can't say that WWE should bring in Kurt Angle or AJ Styles because those guys have contracts with TNA. I can't say they should book Shawn Michaels vs. CM Punk because Michaels is retired. I have to be realistic with my options.

I've come up with 20 ideas that cover different areas of WWE business. I'm generally pretty happy when I watch Raw, Smackdown or the PPVs. However, like with anything in the world there are ways to improve as well.

To the ones that want me to write about how WWE should turn John Cena heel, I can tell you right now that it's not one of my ideas in this column. Obviously it would be a big move that could help the business grow, but I think it's an unrealistic scenario considering where WWE wants to go in the future.

In other words, he's their cash cow. He's their top dog. It's not changing. At least not in the next year.

In the following slideshow I've listed 20 ideas. They are in no particular order although I will admit that my biggest ideas with a look towards WrestleMania come at the end of the column. I didn't feel the need to list anything because they vary from creative ideas to PPV changes and general comments on the state of the business.

It's hard to compare them or rank them in terms of importance. I believe they're all meaningful. Some of them are things that I'm suggesting, while others are based on bits of news or rumors that I've taken and added some creative ideas to.

Now that we've got all that out of the way, let's begin.

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