Sonnen: I'll Stop Trash Talking Jones Now That He's Relinquished His Title to Me

John HeinisSenior Analyst IAugust 24, 2012

LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 30:  Host and mixed martial artist Chael Sonnen arrives at the Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2011 at the Palms Casino Resort November 30, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

To the shock of the MMA community as a whole, UFC president Dana White announced yesterday that UFC 151 would be cancelled due to Dan Henderson suffering a knee injury and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones refusing to fight Chael Sonnen on eight days notice. 

"The American Gangster" called out Jones on Twitter as White announced the event cancellation and afterwards was willing to speak with any media outlet who would listen to him spit verbal venom at Jones.

Shortly after it was announced early this morning that Lyoto Machida shockingly declined the offer to fight Jones at UFC 152 and Vitor Belfort would be filling in, Sonnen wanted to pour salt in Jones' wound one more time. 

Taking to his Facebook page, Sonnen explained that his beef with Jones was over ... since "Bones" agreed to forfeit his title to Sonnen: 

"I am no longer permitted to speak ill of the former champion Jon Jones as we have come to an agreement. I will stop tearing him down verbally and in exchange he has relinquished his belt to me. I would like to read a prepared statement from the former Champion. 

Mr Sonnen, 

In every mans life a choice must eventually be made. Run or fight. I said I wouldn't duck any man as champion. But you are no ordinary man. You've spoken nothing but truth in your attempt to gain a title fight with me. My last act of cowardness is to hand over what you would have beaten out of me 8 days from today. The UFC LHW Title. Now I must refocus my life. Good luck Champ.


Jon Bones Jones

P.S. I just ordered your best selling book, A Voice of Reason from amazon, I've been told by Greg Jackson that it will help me get through this tough time. Thanks"

Sonnen has some time on his hands since Jones declined to fight him. The two-time middleweight title challenger returns to the 205-pound division at UFC 155, scheduled for Dec. 29, to take on Forrest Griffin.