Scott Clemmensen Sent Back to AHL

Skylar LewisContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

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Newark, NJ – Feb. 25, 2009 – Scott Clemmensen understood that what happened to him was not an insult to his character or his ability to stop pucks. He knew it was just business.

With Martin Brodeur back in the lineup after four months of recovering from elbow surgery, Clemmensen was sent back to the Lowell Devils of the American Hockey League (AHL).

“Obviously, I was disappointed,” Clemmensen said during a conference call. “I understand the business side of the sport. I understand all the options that were available to the team. I wish there was another alternative, but the situation is what it is. I’m disappointed in this scenario, but at the same time, I feel like I don’t have any regrets.

"I made the most of an opportunity that I had and I’m not going to take any bitterness with me. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Lou Lamoriello (President/CEO/General Manager) and the entire New Jersey Devils organization. That hasn’t changed at all."

During Brodeur’s absence, Clemmensen split starting duties with backup goalie, Kevin Weekes. However, while Weekes played 11 games in Brodeur’s absence, Clemmensen took most of the workload while playing 40 games. In Brodeur’s absence, Clemmensen had a record of 25-13-1.

He was also ranked 10th overall in goals against average and 12th overall in save percentage. "It makes me feel good," Clemmensen said. “These guys have been like a family to me for the past couple of months. That’s why it’s so disappointing and why it’s going to be very hard watching the team from this point on and not being there."

When asked about his favorite moment of the season, Clemmensen said, "The highlight for me is not really anything personal or any one game in particular. There were stretches of games where it just seemed like we knew we weren't going to lose.

"The confidence level that everyone had, just the team atmosphere, was a lot of fun to be a part of. That was the highlight for me, just being a part of something where, regardless of the time on the clock or the score, we just knew we were going to win and then went out and did it."