Tracy McGrady Has Chance to Atone for Last Year's Disaster

Jin LyuContributor IMarch 14, 2008

It should have been Houston Rockets that went past Utah in the first round of 07 NBA playoffs that is currently riding 21 game winning streak.  Instead, we have another T-Mac led NBA team who could not get out of first round that is creating a buzz around the globe with their incredible streak of passion, teamwork, suffocating defense, luck and whatever that is needed to pull off such a feat.

We might be one of the unfortunate ones who got stuck in this alternate universe where Houston could not secure any defensive rebounds one after another after playing a great defense that made Utah's shots to clang off the rim over and over.  With one secured defensive rebound in the final seconds of game 7 in Houston, T-Mac's legacy would no longer be tainted without playoff success and there won't be any doubters like Charles Barkley after achieving the second longest winning streak of NBA history.

"This Houston team has shown such a poise after their recent playoff success and they are guaranteed to make another deep run in upcoming playoffs like a year ago!" says TNT TV analyst Kenny the Jet.

"After tasting what's like to be deep into the playoffs, I think guys and myself knows we want more and nothing but Championship this year" says T-Mac after his team beat Bobcats for the 21st win in a row.

How fitting would it be to hear such a flirting commentaries and confident post game comments?

Tracy should realize that his alternate universe self is being chanted as the greatest ever to play this game because he went after the missed shot instead of just covering his guy out of the fear that a ball might come to him and he would make a shot to win the game.  

Tracy wanted someone else to grab that rebound and didn't bother to hustle to go get it.  He wanted to get out of the first round more than ever but not enough to use his 6-8 length and quick jumping ability to go get the ball. 

Without that ball, you are not a super star in this league.  Without that ball, you cannot lead league in scoring two times.  Without that ball, your universe is still filled with the doubters and haters who say you can't win.

And they are correct, it's your fault that you didn't make the sincerest effort to get that round orange ball.

Go get it this time, T-Mac. 

21-game winning streak says you still have a chance to do so.