If You Mention This ESPN Host's Name, Then You're Part of the Problem

Brian Buckley@brianbuck13Contributor IIAugust 24, 2012

Do you know who this man is? If you do, I truly feel sorry for you.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the yarn this man spins every week day, I’ll introduce you to him.  Of course, I’ll do it without mentioning his name. You see, every time someone says his name he becomes more famous. Like Beetlejuice, but you only have to whisper it once.

After years of dabbling in sports journalism and sports talk radio, he has found a home on the World Wide Leader of Sports, ESPN. Co-hosting a fraud of a show called First Take, he and loud-talker Stephen A. Smith go back and forth “debating” the hottest stories in sports.

While I consider both men to be puppets of their employer, this man takes his contrarian views to a new level. Issuing absurd comments on his show or via his largely followed Twitter account, he tries and many times attempts to reel in the mouth-breathers to his level.

If you are familiar with Internet speak, this man is a troll.

Troll (Internet): An Internet term for a person who, through willful action, attempts to disrupt a community or garner attention and controversy through provocative messages.


Whether it’s throwing bouquets of roses at the feet of Tim Tebow or suggesting LeBron James isn’t a top-five NBA player, on a daily basis he makes comments that are meant to raise your blood pressure. 

He isn’t saying them because he believes them. Oh no, he’s saying them to piss you off.
So, the pot-stirrer called out Derek Jeter Wednesday for possibly taking performance enhancing drugs.  In this steroid riddled age no one is above suspicion, I get that. But, like Omar Little says, “You come at the king, you best not miss.”

The saddest fallout from this is that even the respected Associated Press fell for the tempting low-hanging fruit. Unfortunately, this man’s personal storm has become legitimate news now.

Obviously, the info I’ve presented here makes a quick Internet search of this man’s name quite simple.  And I also realize if you don’t know who he is you’ll take full advantage of those search engines to gain some clarity.

My only request is this: If you dislike this man or his faux “opinions,” stop talking about him. Everyday, he becomes more and more popular, evidenced by the startling pathetic AP jumping on board. Every tweet, he gets bigger. Every Facebook post, he gets more powerful. If you want him to become irrelevant, ignore his “relevancy.”

His entire persona is bred on one simple phrase.

“All publicity is good publicity.”


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