The Top 10 Athletes Who Can't Win the Big One: BR5

BR5Daily ShowAugust 23, 2012

Now that LeBron James has finally won his first championship title, which other professional athletes will follow in his footsteps?

Let's take a look at the top ten biggest names in athletes who can't snag that title.

Coming in at No. 10 is Carmelo Anthony. He might have won it big by marrying La La Vasquez, but when it comes to winning a championship, he comes up short. The last time Carmelo won a championship was during his college years at Syracuse.

Even though he's played for a little more than one year with the New York Knicks, let's hope Anthony can actually end his losing streak to help his team with a comeback and win a championship sooner rather than later. 

Speaking of comebacks, Michael Vick has sure made his fair share of mistakes, but in football he's definitely let the City of Brotherly Love down.

Philadelphia Eagles fans must be really disappointed in his game play. Since being on the team in 2009, he has failed to bring home the championship. He'll definitely need a dream team to help him conquer the task of bringing home the trophy.

Steve Nash (more on him in a minute), Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard—three of the most popular names in basketball are joining forces to kick some NBA butt. They might take over the NBA world, but let's not forget that Howard struggled to win anything big in Orlando.

But now that he's a Los Angeles Laker, can he help Bryant bring home the big one for the sixth time?

Randy Moss might be known to some as the Usain Bolt of football, which adds a little pressure—especially if you're trying to get into the Hall of Fame.

But before we can get ahead of ourselves, let's take the first step and get at least one ring for the San Francisco 49ers.

Back to Nash, the two-time NBA MVP actually might have the opportunity to win it big since he's going to be paired up with Pau Gasol, Kobe and Laker newcomer Howard.

But can Nash win a title before he goes into retirement? Stay tuned!

You know the saying practice makes perfect, but in Tony Romo's case, that saying is long overdue. He has been in the league for nearly 10 years and has not brought his team to victory with a championship.

But the question is, will he be able to do it this year? Let's just keep our fingers crossed. 

Philip Rivers, on the other hand, was drafted into the NFL along with Eli Manning. Manning took his team to victory numerous times, but as for Rivers, he has been left trying.

Rivers might want to take a few notes from Manning when it comes to being the best and winning Super Bowl rings.

Alex Ovechkin might consider himself to be the best, but doesn't being the best require winning at least one Stanley Cup? It looks like he's just another hopeful wishing to win the Stanley Cup.

Hey, maybe one day for the "Great 8."

Is there anything Brian Urlacher can't do? His girlfriend is a former playmate, and he's an eight-time Pro Bowl linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

But that's not enough to win a Super Bowl ring, especially when you've been on the team for 12 years. That's more then enough time to make your team proud.

And coming in at No. 1 is NASCAR hottie Danica Patrick. She was once known as the hottest female riding dirty, but once the limelight died down, so did her winnings. After seven years of competing in Indy, she came home with a lot of heartache and only one victory. 


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