Liverpool Reported to Premier League by Fulham over Clint Dempsey Saga

Colan Lamont@clamontsportAnalyst IIAugust 23, 2012

Face, Bothered?
Face, Bothered?Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Fulham have issued a formal complaint against Liverpool to the Premier League according to Sky Sports.

The complaint surrounds Liverpool's summer long pursuit of Dempsey and the subsequent issues that Fulham faced as a result.

It is believed that Fulham didn't take too kindly to Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers discussing Clint Dempsey in the public eye.

Fulham feel that Liverpool have tried to stronghand them and that it resulted in Dempsey refusing to play for the London based team again.

Despite much speculation surrounding the transfer of Dempsey, Liverpool have yet to table a bid and so  Fulham feel as though Liverpool have unsettled one of their players without just cause.

The only end result now could surely be that Liverpool take the American international off Fulham's hands.

Dempsey wanting to leave will have reduced his transfer fee and his interest in forcing a move to Liverpool will result in a resolution soon.

This is the latest in a long line of transfer incidents when a small team feels exploited by a bigger foe who is trying to get their hands on the talent at their club.

A Premier League statement on the subject reads:

"The Premier League has received a complaint from Fulham regarding certain comments made by Liverpool officials and is currently looking into the matter."

It's difficult to say whether or not Liverpool have done anything terribly wrong here.

Maybe Rodgers shouldn't have mentioned a players name but big teams trying to sign players back away from the bidding table all the time, thus leaving players frustrated when they didn't get their big move.