Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson: Win Could Make Henderson the Greatest of All Time

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2012

Dan Henderson -
Dan Henderson -

Dan Henderson's upcoming bout with Jon Jones represents something much greater than a world title.

It represents the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. At UFC 151, Henderson will have the rare opportunity to accomplish something no other fighter has in MMA history.

If he defeats Jones, Henderson will be the first fighter to ever win the PRIDE, Strikeforce and UFC title.

It's human nature in every sport to ponder about the all-time greats. Who was that lone gunslinger that changed the way we viewed the sport? He accomplished the impossible and overcame feats others could only dream of.

If Henderson wins the UFC title, could he become that person? Would he assume the role as the greatest fighter in MMA history?

At 41 years of age, it would be tough to deny him that honor.

Henderson is the epitome of the modern day warrior. His body of work expands across three divisions against some of the greatest fighters to ever compete.

Guys like Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Wanderlei Silva and Tito Ortiz helped mold MMA into what it is today. In one night, Henderson will be given an opportunity to surpass all of these legendary pioneers of the sport.

With that said, the debate regarding the greatest of all time can never be resolved.

Everyone has different guidelines for measuring the best. Is it the most talented fighter with sustained success in a particular division?

If this is the case, fans will look to fighters like Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre. Henderson certainly isn't the greatest talent we've ever seen, and he hasn't been nearly as consistent as Silva and St-Pierre.

Perhaps, the greatest is the fighter with the most talked about legacy.

In this case, many would look to Emelianenko, who went undefeated for over a decade.

Whether Henderson is anointed as the greatest or not, he will definitely go down as the most accomplished fighter in MMA history. Fans should strap themselves in.

One right hand could be the only thing separating Henderson from all-time greatness.