WWE Night of Champions 2012: John Cena and Superstars Guaranteed to Lose on PPV

Brandon GalvinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2012

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WWE Night of Champions may showcase each WWE Championship, but not every superstar will receive the same notoriety on pay-per-view. Though some superstars will be able to save face despite losses, these superstars are guaranteed to walk back up the ramp with their head hanging.


Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Many thought Kofi Kingston and R-Truth would lose their WWE Tag Team Championships to the Prime Time Players at SummerSlam in wake of the A.W. controversy. Thankfully, WWE decided to keep the titles on Kingston and Truth, since the Prime Time Players have yet to prove they are ready for the spotlight. 

Now, Kingston and Truth will face their toughest test to date in the newly formed superstar tandem of Kane and Daniel Bryan (yes, Kane went first here). Kane and D-Bry have provided the single most entertaining segments each week over the past several weeks, and WWE knows they need to keep the momentum alive. The only way to do that is to make sure they walk away with the titles.

Considering Kane and Bryan are normally contenders for the WWE Championship, it only makes sense that they would be able to defeat Kingston and Truth despite their differences and inability to work as a cohesive unit. They are both strong competitors when in single competition, so together they represent one of the most dominant duos in recent memory.

We've already seen Kane and Bryan victorious in tag-team action despite not being on the same page, so fans should only expect the reign of Kingston and Truth to end and the reign of odd-couple terror to begin.


Randy Orton

We known Orton will star in the 12 Rounds sequel—we just don't know exactly when it will all go down. Considering his rocky summer, WWE doesn't owe Orton anything, and he's proven he doesn't deserve to win on pay-per-view.

More importantly, Dolph Ziggler has proven to be the most consistent in-ring performer this year and desperately needs a win on PPV after falling victim to horrible booking at SummerSlam last month.

Ziggler and Orton have built the foundation of their rivalry solely in the ring. They've each beaten each other this month after wrestling in several matches together. Orton currently has the upper hand, and it's time WWE puts some faith in Mr. Money in the Bank by putting him over an established superstar on the PPV spotlight.

Orton will be over regardless of a PPV loss. Since he could be off television to film a movie, it makes no sense for him to walk away with a win, as it would only further push the idea that Ziggler doesn't deserve the World Heavyweight Championship.


John Cena

It's tough putting Cena on this list since he is the clear-cut No. 1 performer in the company, but that is also exactly why he is guaranteed to lose. Not only is he in his hometown of Boston tonight, which isn't always the best sign in WWE, but the company desperately needs to even the playing field between Cena and Punk image-wise. 

Punk started his heel turn on The Rock at RAW 1000, but he has cemented said turn with confrontations against Jerry Lawler, Bret Hart and Cena. He has built his turn on the lack of respect he has received since winning the WWE Championship at Survivor Series last year.

Since then, the only time Punk was in the main event of a PPV event was at TLC last December, when Cena didn't even appear at the show! 

Finally back in the main event, it is imperative that WWE have CM Punk retain the championship and continue his lengthy title reign in order to solidify his legacy and star power. If Punk were to lose the title, he would lose all credibility and potential star power.

He needs to win more than anybody else on the card, or his heel turn will all be for nothing and he would turn into a meaningless heel that chokes on the grand stage.

Cena losing has everything to do with CM Punk. Cena will remain the top man in professional wrestling despite losing. He will still sell out arenas, sell more merchandise than any other performer and receive the biggest reactions. Cena can afford to lose this match, whereas CM Punk simply cannot.

WWE could then play up the fact that Punk is essentially Cena's Kryptonite, and Punk would be able to point out that Cena can't get the job done against him in the spotlight since Punk defeated Cena at Money in the Bank 2011, SummerSlam 2011, RAW 1000 and now Night of Champions. It would put an interesting twist on their rivalry and allow them to continue the feud to Hell in a Cell and beyond.


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